C Dine Bar, Kingston

11 Aug

C Dine Bar is the recent winner of the AHA Award for Best Restaurant in Canberra. It has a prime location on the Kingston Foreshore, and I’ve always admired its vast outdoor seating and heard rumours of its excellent seafood.

10 minutes after arriving at the Foreshore we’ve taken advantage of the bright warming sunshine on this cool day and we’re sat outside with menus and views.

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Why I write (blog hop)

3 Aug

Elias from CBR Foodie has invited me to participate in the popular ‘blog hop’ Why I write. The blog hop’s for bloggers to take a break from what they might usually post about, and offer a little more insight to themselves and their motivations for writing. It also gives the participating bloggers a chance to reflect.

Here goes!

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The Burning, The Q

1 Aug

Having enjoyed high quality theatre at The Q (in Queanbeyan, if you haven’t guessed) earlier this year, I didn’t have to think twice about purchasing tickets to The Burning – ironically, a very Canberra-local production – when they became available. And – without wanting to lead you to skip the rest of my review – I can confirm these two hours in Queanbeyan are very well spent.

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Winter Whisky Tasting, Scotch Malt Whisky Society

26 Jul

I don’t know a lot about whisky. I have even been known to spell it whiskey (rest assured I have been duly chastised; maybe I should just stick with calling it scotch). What I do know is that I like it, so it only seems fair that I should spend a bit of time learning more about it.

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Morks Restaurant, Kingston Foreshore

20 Jul

There are a few restaurants where I’m asked, “Have you been to such and such yet?” or someone presses, “You HAVE to go there?” followed by, “When are you going to review it?”

But there is one restaurant which is mentioned to me more than any other.

It is Morks.

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#MushroomMania2014, Canberra*

20 Jul

Each July, the Australian Mushroom Growers runs a campaign encouraging people to cook mushrooms, and eat mushrooms when they’re out. This year, I was lucky enough to receive a $100 gift card to enjoy some mushroom meals around Canberra and post some photos on social media.

While I love mushrooms, a dish that features mushrooms isn’t my go-to dish when eating out, particularly at breakfast – I’m usually after hotcakes or something with eggs – but I’ll often order mushrooms as a side. This campaign means I’m seeking out dishes I might otherwise have missed.

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Truffle Degustation at The Boathouse by the Lake

16 Jul

It’s no secret that The Boathouse by the Lake is a favourite restaurant of mine – as it is now for many of my friends. So, if I trust a restaurant to do truffles right, it’s going to be The Boathouse. Thanks to fellow blogger Rachi’s organisation skills, a number of us secure seating together on one of the two long tables for the night.

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