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The best Belconnen Christmas lights – 2016 edition

21 Dec

After the success of last year’s Best Belconnen Christmas lights, I had to get back out and again experience one of the things that really makes this time of year feel like Christmas to me. Here are my Top 3 picks for 2016!

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The best Belconnen Christmas lights

19 Dec

Every year I see the published lists of Christmas lights in Belconnen, and every year I feel overwhelmed by the choice and limited time to see them all (especially when I leave it to the last minute/week).

For me, the perfect Christmas lights experience is getting in as many ‘Wow, that’s awesome!’ houses before I get annoyed listening to the GPS and/or too many hours go past. Achieving this means knowing where the best houses are. Once you’ve knocked these over, you can enjoy the fantastic efforts of so many contributors throughout town – every house offers something magical!

So, if you’ve only got a limited amount of time before your patience runs out, here are my top three picks in Belconnen (and they’re all pretty close together!).

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Christmas in the Capital

19 Dec

It has been a busy coupla weeks in the worlds of T1 and T2 and we have a number of new well overdue reviews to publish. However, I can’t help but think the best review with which to start is Christmas!

You could almost be forgiven for thinking we’re in the northern hemisphere – that’s how strange the weather has been lately. However, that hasn’t stopped the numerous Christmas celebrations around the Capital. Here’s some of T1’s faves:

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