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Ha Ha Bar, Belconnen – revisited*

23 Mar

* I visited Ha Ha Bar as a guest.

Belconnen Town Centre’s Emu Bank is something special – or it has the potential to be. Facing (what I think is) the best lake in Canberra, with the Arts Centre at one end and one of the world’s best skate parks at the other, Emu Bank could be a promenade in Canberra’s north.

But it’s not quite there yet. While the restaurant quality is mixed from the average to the very good and caters from takeaway to pub to formal dine-in, it’s been missing a high-quality restaurant to anchor the area and attract similar ventures.

Ha Ha Bar is one of those venues that’s always been very good. I’ve always enjoyed the food (in addition to plenty of brunches and dinners there, you can read my first review in 2011 here, and 2013 here) even if the service left a little to be desired, but it hasn’t been what you’d necessarily call a fine dining experience.

I genuinely think that’s about to change.

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Altitude Cafe

15 Dec

Ever since the Altitude complex opened in Belconnen, there’s been an empty business space on Chandler Street and another on Emu Bank. Boyfriend and I have watched eagerly to see what would emerge in each. A few weeks ago, there were signs of life down at Emu Bank, followed by the placing of a sign that looked like it had been pulled from the 90s announcing “Altitude Cafe”. Just a little obvious, but it certainly wasn’t enough to quell my excitement. What was enough to quell my excitement was the experience we had there today.

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