The Green Shed, Beechworth

24 Apr 023

It’s our first night in Beechworth, and we just want something quick and easy after a lunch feast and a busy afternoon of wine tasting and taking selfies. All we want is a quick and easy meal. Bridge Road Brewers – famous for their pizzas – is closed (but we eventually get to try the pizza – stay tuned for the post!). We head to the pub where there seems a decent bistro, but they’re packed. We’re told to get a beer while they try to find a table to clear, but it’s slow and no one comes to find us. We’re pretty sold on the takeaway pizza shop across the road, but I’ve seen good reviews of the nearby Green Shed and we figure we might as well see what it’s about. And we’re very glad we do!

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Mt Pilot, Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park

22 Apr It's not windy. My hair's like this from making it into position just in time!

On our first day in the Rutherglen region, we’re at Stanton and Killeen (post on that coming soon!) and it’s a little quiet there. Our very obliging host at the cellar door points out plenty of sights on the map – and lets us in on a secret. There’s a mountain right near Beechworth (where we’re staying), and it’s just a few minutes walk from the car park to the top. My kind of walk! (Okay, not always, but I’m all for a positive reward-for-effort ratio!)

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Terrace Restaurant, Wahgunyah

22 Apr Yellow fin tuna, smoked tomato, capers and white anchovy

In The Taratory is stepping out of the Territory for the next few posts: we headed down Beechworth way for Easter, and there’s plenty to do there. I can’t help but share some of the highlights for a location which is less than half a day’s drive from Canberra. First up: the hatted Terrace Restaurant at the All Saints Winery in Wahgunyah (near Rutherglen).

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The Shopping Troll(ey)

21 Apr It's like they're dying to get out

Once you notice a few trolleys outside, you can’t stop seeing them. Kind of like when you’re thinking of buying a certain car and suddenly you see it everywhere.

This is what happened to me. I noticed a few trolleys in Belconnen and suddenly, everywhere I look, there’s a trolley (or more!).

So, in the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about trolleys, looking at trolleys, taking photos of trolleys, tweeting about trolleys, asking questions about trolleys, talking about trolleys, answering questions about trolleys… and so I figured it’s time to write a blog post.

And, it’s not just about me… I want your input!

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Beijing House, Hawker

16 Apr 042

I’m still on my hunt for great dumplings – and on Twitter, it was suggested to me that I try out Beijing House in Hawker. There’s dumplings in Hawker? Yes, there are. And the real kicker? The fried beef dumplings are the best I’ve ever tried.

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Chef’s Table at Old Parliament House*

11 Apr Celeriac with truffle, hazelnut and apple

Reading back on my review of the Starlight Dinner at Old Parliament House as part of Enlighten earlier this year, you can hear the disbelief in my (writing) voice. The night appeared to have little connection to Enlighten, and we found the use of the venue, and the food, underwhelming.

It’s not very often I get a response to a poor review. But this time, within a matter of days, our group’s been contacted by the people behind the food: Restaurant Associates. They want to really show us exactly what their kitchen – and chef Sebastien Lutaud – are capable of, and we agree to attend a Chef’s Table experience.

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Dickson Dumpling House

10 Apr 0281

You might’ve thought I’d had my fill of dumplings in the last post, but how can anyone ever have enough dumplings? The day after enjoying dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling Cafe, we head to Dickson Dumpling House for a direct comparison.

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