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Ha Ha Bar, Belconnen – revisited*

23 Mar

* I visited Ha Ha Bar as a guest.

Belconnen Town Centre’s Emu Bank is something special – or it has the potential to be. Facing (what I think is) the best lake in Canberra, with the Arts Centre at one end and one of the world’s best skate parks at the other, Emu Bank could be a promenade in Canberra’s north.

But it’s not quite there yet. While the restaurant quality is mixed from the average to the very good and caters from takeaway to pub to formal dine-in, it’s been missing a high-quality restaurant to anchor the area and attract similar ventures.

Ha Ha Bar is one of those venues that’s always been very good. I’ve always enjoyed the food (in addition to plenty of brunches and dinners there, you can read my first review in 2011 here, and 2013 here) even if the service left a little to be desired, but it hasn’t been what you’d necessarily call a fine dining experience.

I genuinely think that’s about to change.

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Les Bistronomes, Braddon

21 Oct

I’d wondered what would be replacing Canberra institution Delissio when it shut its doors back in June, and was glad we didn’t have to wait (too) long for an answer. French is a cuisine that interests me but it’s one to which I’ve had little exposure; my naive impressions have been that it’s pretty dense and stuck in the 80s. But Les Bistronomes’ chefs come with a serious pedigree, having worked – at a minimum – in Canberra’s finest establishments, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

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Wilbur’s Cafe and Bar, Hackett

22 Sep

I’m suffering from ordering envy lately. I agonise over what I’m going to order, and when I do, I regret it – particularly when my dining companion is served up with something that looks particularly scrumptious. Particularly when I’d been considering that menu item for myself. This seems to only be happening to me at breakfast time. Does this ever happen to you?

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Bright Brewery

27 Apr

Following a rather long drive we end up back where we started: Bright. It’s open for Good Friday. We’ve only had (very good) pancakes (and butter!) today so, even though we’ve got dinner at Provenance in Beechworth looming, we stop in at the local brewery for a good beer and a snack.

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The Artisan

22 Aug

I’m often asked for ideas on where to take someone for a special occasion, and, while the possibilities are endless, I usually can’t go past waxing lyrical about Sage. However – finally! – I’m able to say I’ve found a restaurant which I think is just as good as Sage.

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Friday night at Rocksalt

27 Oct

In any list of Canberra‘s favourite restaurants, Rocksalt in the Belconnen suburb of Hawker invariably gets a mention. With modern Australian cuisine, it’s known for its friendly atmosphere, decent prices and generous portions, while still managing to be synonymous with a fine dining experience.

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Artespresso in Kingston

18 Jan

Artespressois found in the Kingston dining precinct. I’ll state from the outset that I’m generally not a fan of the area – everyone bangs on about how many options there are, but it

Goat's cheese terrine (sorry for mobile photos)

doesn’t hide the fact that it is just a wide variety of mediocre. Artespresso seems to have bucked that trend, with it by all accounts seeming to be very trendy and came with a few good recommendations.

We arrived at about 7.30 and were seated straight away. The venue was busy but they still managed to seat us away from other patrons. Their menu is probably the perfect length and the waiter was skilful – chatty and welcoming without being overbearing.

We shared an entrée each, with Boyfriend ordering the Goats Cheese Terrine (roasted vegetables, goats cheese, avocado puree, capsicum oil, watercress) ($17) and me the Mushrooms (macadamia, cream cheese, honey filled, tomato sugo, fresh herbs, rocket, shaved parmesan) ($17). The Goats Cheese Terrine was lovely – a big size, and great flavours – and plenty for both Boyfriend and I to share. The mushrooms were also very tasty but rather small and just three.

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