Cork Street Cafe, Gundaroo

8 May

Forty minutes from Canberra, Gundaroo is an historic village where there’s a lot to see, eat and drink along its main street – Cork Street. Along the street is the Gundaroo Pub and further up is Grazing and Capital Wines.

Today we’re at the the Cork Street Cafe, an institution on the site of the old police station across the road from the pub. The cafe proper is in the horse tables; a barn of stones and bricks.

It’s a cool April afternoon and the large outdoor area is lit with dappled light.

031 (2)

Cork Street Cafe does breakfast to 11am on Saturdays and Sundays, but it’s the pizzas that everyone comes for, with over 30 to choose from. Today we choose a pumpkin, feta and onion pizza and a Napoli with olives, tomato, garlic, oregano and anchovies.

048 (2)

My milkshake comes out quickly and the made to order pizzas take about 25 minutes. All pizzas come with a tomato and herb sauce base and mozzarella (unless otherwise advised). Almost every single pizza comes with onion and, at least for the pumpkin pizza, that means lots of onion. Thankfully, there’s also lots of roast pumpkin. And lots of feta.

037 (2)

The Napoli is flooded with tomato, followed by a good handful of halved black olives, and a sprinkle of oregano. Cork Street Cafe is BYO only and this is probably the best pizza if you’re bringing in a few beers.  I’m always an advocate for anchovies on pizzas but there’s probably a bit too much salt on this pizza for me when the anchovies are combined with the olives and the effect of baking the tomatoes (and when I’ve foolishly coupled the pizza with a milkshake).

The ingredients are high quality, but perhaps I’ve been spoilt by recent offerings from Pizza Artigiana and now Pot Belly (who started doing pizzas a few weeks ago). Cork Street Cafe’s pizzas are solid, and even a year ago they would probably have taken the mantle of some of the best around, but now I think there are better options closer to home.

Regardless, there’s a relaxed vibe and friendliness to the cafe and the spaces are varied – making it great for families or catch-ups with friends – and if you’re out in the country you could do worse than lazily enjoying some pizzas here.

Date: Saturday, 24 April 2016

Cost: $33 for two medium pizzas and a milkshake, once the 25% discount from the Entertainment Book was applied

Value for money: High (with Entertainment Book voucher)

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhile

Want more? The website is here.

What do you reckon?

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