Dickson Dumpling House

10 Apr

You might’ve thought I’d had my fill of dumplings in the last post, but how can anyone ever have enough dumplings? The day after enjoying dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling Cafe, we head to Dickson Dumpling House for a direct comparison.

We book days ahead, but when we arrive at 7pm on a Saturday night, the restaurant’s packed and there’s a big line of people waiting to sit down. There’ s a biting Autumn chill and we’re stuck standing next to the door for 10 minutes while more patrons cram or at least peek their heads in. Brrr.


There’s five of us, and I’m encouraged as we walk past a few empty tables and chairs in the back of the restaurant. It’s not to be; the cramming in theme continues. We’re led to a tiny pokey corner booth; a large table is next to us, and across the restaurant I see chair backs bumping chair backs.

One very busy restaurant

One very busy restaurant

We’re left with menus – and when I mean left, I mean left. There’s so much happening, and we’re in such an awkward position that no waiter comes back to visit us – in fact, they can’t get anywhere close. Thankfully, waving them down works.

To their credit, the food’s delivered quickly and it’s boiling hot.


Prawn and pumpkin dumpling

Prawn and pumpkin dumpling

The prawn and pumpkin dumpling is special – a flavour combination I never would have previously considered which really works.

Fried dumplings

Fried dumplings

The other dumplings? Not so exciting. The steamed dough is undercooked, and the fried dumplings have the void between filling and dough. Like Shanghai Dumpling Cafe, there’s not a lot of flavour differentiation between the beef and pork. The tomato and egg dumplings are good, but not great.


Soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

The soft shell crab is also piping hot; the smaller pieces are mostly batter and more batter, but the larger pieces are the right combination of juicy crab and crunchy batter.

In sum? It’s okay, but not outstanding. We’re in and out quickly which points to the speed of the food service, but it also highlights that there’s little reason to linger. The dumplings aren’t bad by any means, but Shanghai Dumpling Cafe’s are better.

Date: Saturday, 5 April 2014

Where: 2 Cape Street, Dickson

Cost: ~$85, including numerous dumpling dishes and softshell crab for five people; dumplings are about $10-13 for between 6 and 14 people

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhileish

Want more? Again, there’s no website – you’ll have to try it and see – but Erin’s blog post does a great job describing the full-on experience and shows off more of the menu.

Dickson Dumpling House on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “Dickson Dumpling House”

  1. Megan (@Girlhassparke) April 11, 2014 at 9:49 am #

    I am a big fan of the Dickson Dumpling house but mostly because it was my old stomping ground – I have alot of fond memories of that place, including a dumpling catch in your mouth competition after far too much wine, yeah keeping it classy over here.


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    […] right. I found Dumpling Inn at Jamison largely underwhelming. The prawn and pumpkin dumplings at Dickson Dumpling House are worth your while. Shanghai Dumplings in Civic is an oldie but a goodie, but for me ranks just […]

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