Coming Up in 2014 #3

24 Mar

2014 marches on, but it seems with every new day there’s something else to do in our fair city. You can check out the previous posts this year here and here. And, if you’re wondering, I take on my own recommendations! Of things I mentioned in the previous posts, I was lucky to get along to:

Here’s what’s caught my eye over the next few months:

  • Auto Italia is on this Sunday, 30 March! This is always a great event – great cars and great atmosphere (and they’ve finally got a snazzy new website). There’s plenty on display to admire set against the Mt Ainslie and OPH backdrops. Entry is free (and they’re celebrating 100 years of the Maserati! I wish they would do free rides…).


  • Also on this weekend (wow, it’s getting full!) is the Lifeline Book Fair! It’s on Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 and it’s just a gold donation to get in, and there’s all sorts of things – not just every type of book you can think of, but maps and board games, amongst other things!
  • The Narooma Oyster Festival is competing with the Canberra Region Wine Harvest Festival on the weekend of April 5-6. I’ve been to the Wine Harvest Festival these last two years and there’s a lot to like (and it might just be where the pic of me on the right hand side is from!). Check out my reviews from 2013 and 2012… (and feel free to judge just how far my photography has come!).
Boyfriend did a good job stomping his grapes, so I get a few more bunches

Boyfriend did a good job stomping his grapes, so I get a few more bunches

  • One of my favourite Canberra restaurants, Sage Dining Rooms, is holding their Taste and Test event again (hooray!) each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 30 April. For the bargain price of $75 you get to try and rate some experimental dishes from Sage to help guide next season’s menu. Here’s my Taste and Test experience from 2013 (in short? I loved it).
Yes please

Yes please

  • PUMPKINS! Yep, the Collector Pumpkin Festival is back on again. It’s kinda like the Royal Canberra Show, but it revolves around pumpkins. It’s dog friendly, and it’s rural without having to pack an overnight bag. Plus, pumpkins! Sunday, 4 May is the day you’re looking for (here’s my take last year).
And this was a huge pumpkin in its own right! Here it is against my  hand for comparison.

And this was a huge pumpkin in its own right! Here it is against my hand for comparison.

  • I’ve never been to The Q, but this even on 21-24 May has caught my eye: a real-life couple performing a celebrated play at a reasonable price (and, come on, it’s PC Garfield from The Bill!).
  • There are events – and then there are events. This event, on Sunday, 6 July, is the latter. It’s well priced, and a great way to stock up on your wine collection without having to leave Canberra in the depths of winter.
Layers and layers of truffle in the brie

Layers and layers of truffle in the brie

  • Finally, a shout out to two of the coolest new ‘clubs’ in Canberra – which both double as great ways to exposing you to new food, as well as meeting new (and lovely!) people. The first is Canberra Cake Club, usually held late each month at a cool location with a special theme (if you have a friend who bakes, you don’t have to and can come along as their +1!). I loooved February’s theme (and March, too). The second is Canberra Dinner Club, where no cooking is required (yay!) – just an appreciation of trying out new things and meeting new people. These clubs aren’t exclusive – just sign up to their mailing lists, secure your spot and head along!
Guinness is in this cake!

Guinness is in this cake!

So, tell me – have you been to any of these events? What did you think?

And more importantly, what have I missed?


7 Responses to “Coming Up in 2014 #3”

  1. ladyjodie March 25, 2014 at 9:52 am #

    When you put it all in a list, it feels like there is so much coming up in the months ahead! Exciting 🙂 Heard of 100 locals? its later in the year but i feel like it would be right up your alley

  2. JULIA March 25, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    Thank you for these round-ups – they are VERY helpful!!!

  3. Brendan Johnson March 27, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    Hey, I would love to work with you! Please email me at and I will tell you more.

    Love your blog!

    Best regards,
    Brendan Johnson

  4. whisperinggums March 31, 2014 at 12:59 am #

    How on earth can I remember all the events you’ve mentioned above to even begin to answer your question – except that, no, we didn’t get to many. We used to go to a lot of events when we were young, and then when we had young kids, but now we tend to steer clear of crowds. Not totally, but we don’t rush to them as we used to. We did go check out Enlighten but late on two evenings and enjoyed that.

    There’s a good chance I’ll be at the Narooma Oyster Festival this weekend – though I can’t eat natural oysters so that will be interesting! And, having read your Sage Taste and Test report last year, I have been thinking of booking in to go this year since I got the email about it, but I think time will defeat us. Hmmm … can we fit it in.

    As for those clubs. Must tell Mr Gums about the Cake Club! That’s right up his alley.

    Thanks for the round-ups – I do enjoy them.

  5. Helen Gladman April 3, 2014 at 9:24 am #

    We are Pumpkin Festival veterans. Been going most years since about 2005. Their organisation skills improve each year (mostly) and it’s always a fun day out ‘in the country’. Great roundups you’re doing here Tara. So helpful!


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