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The Forage and Hustle & Scout, New Acton (July)

5 Jul

It’s bitterly cold and I’m about to see a new phenomenon: more puffer jackets in one place than ever before. But, there’s food (including cake!), and wine, and fashion – and that seems to be enough to convince the rest of Canberra to come out at 3pm to New Acton, too.

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Canberra Cake Club – March

1 Apr

Following a fabulous and filling February Cakeup at Essential Ingredient, my interest in future Cake Club events was well and truly confirmed. Fortunately, my obliging friend from last time kindly allowed me to come along as his guest yet again – yes, this was the second time I got to try a lot of cake without having to bake anything. I am starting to feel a little guilty!

Again, the month’s theme matches the venue nicely: cocktails at Mint Garden Bar!

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Coming Up in 2014 #3

24 Mar

2014 marches on, but it seems with every new day there’s something else to do in our fair city. You can check out the previous posts this year here and here. And, if you’re wondering, I take on my own recommendations! Of things I mentioned in the previous posts, I was lucky to get along to:

Here’s what’s caught my eye over the next few months:

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