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Human Brochure weekend – a review by Jane

11 Nov

If you’ve ever wondered what 48 hours in Canberra with me as your (eating) tour guide looks like, this is it. Before the Human Brochure weekend began, I gave you a sneak peek of what I expected our experience to look like. I’ll let my best friend, guest human and superb writer Jane take you on that 48 hour ride:

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Coming up in Canberra #5 + a giveaway!

15 Sep

Helloooooo, spring! My favourite season. I feel like I spend all winter waiting for spring to arrive, and while a) we haven’t hit the spring equinox quite yet and b) there have been some cold mornings, the glorious days so far have me convinced that we may – may – have even completely missed false spring (please, please).

These next few glorious months call for another Coming up in Canberra. You can read my previous recommendations for the year: #1, #2, #3 and #4.

But first – what did I enjoy of what I recommended last time?

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Coming Up in 2014 #4

2 Jul

Judging by the number of people asking when I’m going to do another one of these, I’m well overdue to let you know what’s coming up in Canberra (when you’re not snuggling up at home from the cold!). You can read my previous posts at #1, #2 and #3.

Of things I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been lucky enough to get along to the following (ie: yes, I follow my own recommendations!):

Life changing food at Sage's Taste and Test

Life changing food at Sage’s Taste and Test

Here’s what’s got my attention over the next few months (all events you’ve got a good chance of seeing me at!)… yes, there’s a lot of theatre and indoor activities but hey, it’s cold!

  • Friday night (4 July) is the final of Impro ACT’s Northside vs Southside competition Battle for Canberra. Want to see theatre where they’re acting entirely without scripts or feel passionately about your side of town (Belco represent!)? Come along to Casino Canberra – tickets are just $20. (Check the Facebook event page here for more details.)
  • Saturday (5 July) is going to be massive. The Forage and the Hustle and Scout market have joined forces to bring the funky New Acton precinct alive with food and fashion (a winning combination!). The Forage promotes Canberra’s food and cafes and you are guaranteed I’ll be at the Cake Club stall, feeling healthy at The Muesli Bar, eating fresh cheese from The Cheese Project, and getting an extra dessert fix from Sweet Bones. Hustle and Scout will have 43 designers and collectors on display. When I’m not eating, you’ll find me at the Honeybee Goods stand (I love their jewellery and own quite a few pieces!) and I can’t wait to check out Sarah Bourke’s stall.


  • And then there’s Sunday. On 6 July there’s the Taste of Two Regions Festival (that’s Rutherglen and King Valley for the uninitiated) at QT Canberra. We went to this festival last year, and had such a good time (and bought so much wine) that we planned an entire holiday around the Rutherglen and King Valley regions this Easter where – amongst dining out and visiting two breweries, and going for long drives – we managed to visit 20 wineries in the region.  In that post, I’ve starred all the wineries coming to Canberra this weekend, and given a recommendation regarding wines which really stood out for me.  In addition to the $25 tasting (oh – it’s not just wineries – Myrtleford Butter Factory is one of the many other stall holders!), there are wine masterclasses on the day, as well as a dinner or a lunch (for a bit more than $25). I’m obviously a big fan of the wines and the region, but I reckon we’re pretty lucky to have them coming to Canberra!
Full Butter Factory range

Full Butter Factory range

  • From 2 to 12 July, the Canberra Theatre Centre is hosting a Tuggeranong Arts Centre initiative: Touch. Eight blind and vision-impaired Canberrans have created an experience to give you insight into their worlds. Touch has all the connotations of doing something and it’s exactly that: a participatory experience rather than spectating. Tickets are just $10.
  • From 10 to 26 July, the Canberra Philharmonic Society is presenting their production of Cabaret at the Erindale Theatre. Tickets range from $25-49 and can be purchased here.
  • For the young (or young at heart) crowd, the Child Players ACT is putting on a production of Roald Dahl’s classic The Witches at the Belconnen Theatre (in the Belconnen Community Centre) from 10 to 19 July. Tickets are just $17, the times are school holidays friendly (10.30am and 2pm) and – come on – it’s The Witches!
  • Truffle Festival! has begun in earnest, and is on until late August. That means there’s plenty of time to get your truffle fix. This link is a great place to start. I had the pleasure of attending the Boathouse Truffle Degustation on Friday night and it was divine (review coming soon!). There are plenty of other truffle experiences on the cards, including numerous degustations. But if you’re after something a little easier on the wallet, there’s the divine Mt Majura truffled brie experience and Frugii ice cream is doing his divine truffle ice cream at the EPIC and Old Bus Depot Markets. Something that’s also caught my attention is Sage restaurant’s Pauper to Prince truffle experience – $75 for three courses at lunch time.

Truffle ice cream ($4) from Frugii

  • Did my earlier mention of totally improvised theatre pique your interest? You’re in luck. Wednesday 16 July to Sunday 20 July is Improvention. It’s essentially a conference for improvisers from around Australia (and the world), but – even better – each night they put on shows (no costs apparent as yet)! The Impro Theatre Challenge is my favourite. I reported on the 2011 grand finale when this blog was a wee infant!
  • From 31 July to 10 August there’s The Burning at The Q in Queanbeyan. It’s by Canberra playwright Duncan Ley about the largest witch hunt the world has ever seen. I really like The Q as a venue (and drinks are cheap!) and I’ll be looking to purchase tix ($39-44) to this quick smart.
  • In August there’s also the Short + Sweet Theatre at the Canberra Theatre Centre, where 30 10-minute plays – many written and/or directed by locals – are presented over a few weeks, and voted on – culminating in a gala night on Saturday, 16 August. Tickets are $30-35.
  • Like the Truffle Festival, there’s so much on during the Fireside Festival throughout August that I strongly advise you head to the website now and start planning! I had a brilliant time last year. This year, Robyn Rowe will again be doing her assiette ($18), while Poachers Pantry will have a 100 mile degustation (everything served will be sourced from within 100 miles) – among many, many other activities!
  • Finally, there’s SNOW. All around Canberra (if you haven’t noticed). Obviously if you’re keen, head west to the ranges. I had a great experience back in 2011 (again, when this blog was an infant!) up near Piccadilly Circus (on the way to Mt Coree or Mt Gingera) but you do need a 4WD. The folks out at Corin Forest have been doing a superb job keeping everyone updated about road conditions on their Facebook page, and they have a helluva lot of snow (both falling and created with their snow machine), including for tobogganing!.

Up at Mt Ginini


101 Humans enjoying Four Winds Vineyard (photo courtesy of Jonathan McFeat)

Finally, if you’re still looking for things to do, you might have heard of a little thing called Human Brochure. Some of Canberra’s greatest social media content creators (including some of the most extraordinary photographers around) have been brought together in one space to promote things to do in and around our great city. The official site has a live wall of posts featuring what these 101 people recommend (and many of them have their own blogs). Check it out!

Tell me – will you be heading along to any of these? Or – what have I missed?

Coming Up in 2014 #3

24 Mar

2014 marches on, but it seems with every new day there’s something else to do in our fair city. You can check out the previous posts this year here and here. And, if you’re wondering, I take on my own recommendations! Of things I mentioned in the previous posts, I was lucky to get along to:

Here’s what’s caught my eye over the next few months:

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Coming Up in 2014 #2

22 Jan

I didn’t expect that the second of these posts would come around so soon, but there’s so much on at the moment to tell you about! A number of the things I wrote about in the first post haven’t come around just yet, so head there for even more ideas.

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Comparing Canberra to Europe

8 Aug

It’s been mentioned to me that Canberra “doesn’t even compare” to Sydney. Even though we all know people who say such silly things are wrong, I reckon it’s probably going to be seen as a pretty big call to do a post comparing Canberra to Europe of all places. But after a 5 week absence while I was in the northern hemisphere (hence the lack of T1 posts!), I’m happy to report back on a selection of a much wider array of things which Canberra simply does equal to or better than Europe.

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Free talks in the Territory

17 Jun

Canberra‘s known as being pretty cultural, with its galleries, museums (the National Museum is a ‘cultural history‘ museum after all) and political history. Something that’s also in abundance in Canberra are its variety of public lectures.

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Welcome to In The Taratory!

29 Aug

Welcome to our blog – In The Taratory!  We’re T1 and T2, two interstate mid-20s lasses who moved to Canberra for work and are now practically locals.

We know there can be a bit of bad press both outside this fair capital and within (Canberrans are often their own worst enemy!) about lack of things to do, and both of us are passionate about proving this wrong. We’re regularly getting out there finding and experiencing all the things to do in Canberra and are willing to give mostly anything a go.

The way our blog works is that we’ll review pretty much anything we attend that’s worthy of a mention (for whatever reason). Occasionally we attend things together: if we both had a similar impression of the event or the experience, just one of us will post. If we had pretty differing views, you’ll hear both sides of the T-story!

We hope you enjoy and that this is not just an enjoyable blog to write, but an enjoyable blog to read. Most of all, we hope to give some ideas about the variety of things to do in Canberra! And we’re willing to take requests…