Curious about Ellacure

28 Feb

Great poached egg with the bean and chorizo cassoulet

It was past midday on a Sunday and I was still trying to make up my mind about where Boyfriend and I should go for breakfast (yes, I’m hopeless). After reading the numerous reviews on The Riot Act in favour of Black Pepper (and dismissing them – review to follow!), I was pleasantly surprised to see the support for Ellacure – a nearby cafe which I sadly hadn’t been to since 2008 (!). I browsed their menu online to confirm that breakfast was indeed served all day (it is!) and while I was disappointed that there were no pancakes on offer, it sounded like it was worth a shot.

Ellacure is located in Bruce with a large open verandah edging into the cafe. There was plenty of staff, and unlike other restaurants in town, our presence was acknowledged immediately. I should point out straight away that the staff at Ellacure are energetic, engaging and flirtatious. They’re cool (is that word even used anymore?) without being pretentious (ie ignoring you or looking bored). On seeking our orders, a first staff member asked, “How are we going, troops?”, and on placing them, he said, “Great work, guys.” The staff member who served our drinks jokingly referred to my tomato juice as a ‘skinny’ tomato juice. Yet another staff member, collecting plates from another table, walked past and unapologetically peered into Boyfriend’s mug to check if he’d finished his (skinny) latte and if he wanted another. At first I thought most people would find their behaviour annoying, but on reflection they get it just right – it’s just enough engagement without being OTT.

But what about the food? I struggled with what to order, but the idea of chorizo on my plate won me over, so the result was the bean and chorizo cassoulet with a poached egg and

Not so good vego meal

parmesan toasts. It’s a hearty meal, served in a bowl, and every mouthful is a delight. I’m going to go a bit MKR on you all, but the flavour combination just worked. The egg was poached beautifully. It ran well with the beans. The chorizo was spicy and there was just enough so that I was digging to find it, but still finding it (nothing worse than just a few pieces here and there of something that’s in the title of the dish). The parmesan toasts were cheesy without being overpowering, and the bread was thick and moist. Better still, their tomato juice was served in a tall glass chocked full with ice – so essential, yet so rare.

Boyfriend was a bit let down by his meal (mushrooms, poached egg, almond tapenade, spinach and tomato), but was stoked with the service and the quality of his coffee.

Unusually, the meals are all basically around $15 (unless you get the big breakfast). It’s an interesting tactic – while $15 for some meals might not be the cheapest you’ll find, I still found it saved from the internal debate about which one’s the best value for money. You focus on what you want to eat, instead of forgoing what you want for what might be cheaper. Well played, Ellacure.

Definitely will be back.

Attendees: T1 and Boyfriend

Date: 19 February 2012

‘skinny’ tomato juice – good work, team!

Cost: meal $15 x 2 + tomato juice $3.5 x 2 + latte $4 x 2 = $45

Where: Ellacure, corner Braybrooke and Battye Streets, Bruce

Worthwhile factor: Highly worthwhile

Want more?

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6 Responses to “Curious about Ellacure”

  1. Gary Lum February 29, 2012 at 5:28 am #

    I’ve been there a few times for dinner and enjoyed it. I’ve always been meaning to go there for brunch. I’m keen to read your thoughts on BP. I go there regularly. Their eggs Benedict with extra hollandaise and coffee is my staple.


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