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Brekkie at Seasalt Dining, Bruce

29 May

One of our very favourite bloggers had recently been to Seasalt Dining for a Sunday breakfast, so, after countless visits to Ellacure (obviously my benchmark), I reluctantly suggested to Boyfriend that we should try something different and he reluctantly agreed.

On arriving to Seasalt Dining we really weren’t sure if it was open. There were plenty of cars in the carpark, but no one sitting outside. Granted, it was fuhreezing, but the mirrored windows on the restaurant suggested… emptiness. We were pleased to spot an ‘Open’ sign against the door, but disappointed to walk in (and this was about 10am) to see just one other couple there for breakfast. Hm. Continue reading


Gossan Hill amble

13 May

Gossan Hill Nature Reserve is another one of those places in Canberra which I suspect few people know about – it’s a hill (well, there are two hills) with some pretty decent and at times dense bushland, at a height that allows for some lovely views, and it’s right in the centre of the northside.

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Curious about Ellacure

28 Feb

Great poached egg with the bean and chorizo cassoulet

It was past midday on a Sunday and I was still trying to make up my mind about where Boyfriend and I should go for breakfast (yes, I’m hopeless). After reading the numerous reviews on The Riot Act in favour of Black Pepper (and dismissing them – review to follow!), I was pleasantly surprised to see the support for Ellacure – a nearby cafe which I sadly hadn’t been to since 2008 (!). I browsed their menu online to confirm that breakfast was indeed served all day (it is!) and while I was disappointed that there were no pancakes on offer, it sounded like it was worth a shot.

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