Jeir Creek riesling

1 Mar

Whether we get the weather to accompany it or not, summer and the early days of Autumn = white wine drinking time. I’m a sucker for a red any time, but white wine is reserved for October-March. Fortunately, the ‘Canberra district‘ has produced a number of superb whites the past few seasons, which gives me the perfect excuse to review them for the Taratory!

I will strongly caveat this that just like everything else, I am not an expert. I don’t know what most of the normal terms mean on the blurbs on the backs of the bottles but just like most Canberrans, I like wine. I’d like to think that I know

Empty bottle of Jeir Creek riesling - always a good sign

what tastes okay. Enough excuses: here’s my go.

Jeir Creek is a Murrumbateman wine produced by the Howell family, who helpfully have their own website (which I’ve tried not to rely on too much in reviewing their wine).

Wikipedia reliably tells me that Rieslings are usually consumed when they’re young. Whew! This 2011 Riesling has a chocolate base. I can say this with authority because I recently tried the Chocolate Shop wine at Christmas (available from Dan Murphy’s) and the flavour strongly reminded me. Chocolate doesn’t dominate the taste, but it’s a good counter for the other strong flavours. The smell of the wine really does remind me of fruit (lightly) dipped into a chocolate fondue. It’s slightly fizzy, with a characteristically dry, long finish, lingering in the throat (encouraging another sip!).

The Riesling is what I’d call spicy – I’d pair it with fish or chicken, particularly if you’re not confident in the skills of the chef in bringing out the flavour, or if you need a distraction from the flavour. If you’re hooking in for dessert, I’d enjoy this with a smoked Dutch cheese, I think – I can’t imagine it going down well with a camembert or brie. Or, you could just drink it on its own!

Attendee: T1

Cost: $18.75 from the Bottle-O in Belconnen (corner Luxton and Josephson Sts)

Worthwhile factor: Give it a go

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