We’ll be back to Zambrero

3 Nov

As with most of the new blogs, I usually post the link to Twitter, and it was no different with my not-too-impressed post on Tuesday about the experience we’d just had at the Belconnen Zambrero store.

Just over 12 hours had passed before Zambrero themselves got in touch with me, and by Wednesday afternoon they had fully responded to all of the issues I had raised – and a genuine response at that, not just some sort of form e-mail.

Suffice to say, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the professionalism with which they handled the feedback, and their responsiveness – certainly not something I’ve ever received with any other type of franchise.

I finished the last post saying that I’d still return to Zambrero just because it’s tasty and near my house. I’m happy to now say that I’ll be returning for a lot more reasons than that.


What do you reckon?

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