Bridge to Bridge – Lake Burley Griffin ‘jog’

10 Feb
Lake Burley Griffin lakeside walk

As you may have gathered from my whinging about the act of hiking (even though I like doing it), I’m not fit. I’m definitely not one of those people who exercise during their lunch hour because frankly it seems like way too much of a hassle. That’s not to say that a lot of other people don’t like to exercise at lunch time (and risk me screwing up my face at them). Jogging the Bridge to Bridge around Lake Burley Griffin appears to be a favourite around these parts, with most people who brave it easily doing it in under an hour. After four years of avoiding it, I decided it was probably worth reviewing. (But not at lunch time. And there was not much running involved.)

Instead, I figured twilight at LBG would provide a rather stunning background for the Bridge to Bridge, and I was right. Most people seem to wonder just how long Bridge to Bridge is going

Lake burley griffin02

to take them. Well, it’s about 4.86 kilometres according to the GPS/Heart Rate Monitor. I started at the carpark near the flags on the Old Parliament House side and went clockwise, heading to the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and over the Kings Avenue Bridge before back to the car in about 45 minutes. The only real ‘steep’ part of this is the steps heading up to the first bridge, so upping the ante is all up to you.

All in all, it’s a good walk. It’s under an hour, the walkways are generally quite wide, and it’s not unusual to enjoy a great sunset – both in the sky, and shimmering across the water.

Of course, I also had my trusty new HRM attached so you can see just how much effort I did (or didn’t) exert!

Date: Saturday, 28 January

Cost: Free!

Worthwhile factor: Worthwhile

Want more? Well, I don’t have any more. It’s hard to miss the lake and the bridges!


5 Responses to “Bridge to Bridge – Lake Burley Griffin ‘jog’”

  1. Captain Sweatpants February 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm #

    I love the LBG bride-to-bridge jog. So much so in fact I decided a week ago to walk back home from work, then do a quick circuit once I get back home and get changed. Although I do tend to get a few confused looks from the joggers when I’m strolling across the bridge in a suit though…

  2. aurora kingston lakefront apartment April 15, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Love that Lake!


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