Belconnen Zambrero on Race Day

1 Nov

Burrito and Corona! $8.70!

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that I frequented the Belconnen Zambrero. It’s great. I wholeheartedly endorse it. It’s indulgence food, it’s sustenance (at any time of day or night) – can’t go past it. But my experience there tonight has left me a little… bemused.

I understand it’s Melbourne Cup day. I didn’t go to the races today (and can’t vouch for just how many customers Zambrero had through its doors), but my friends and I did trek down to the Lighthouse in the late evening for a beverage or two to celebrate the day and we were looking for a quick meal afterwards. Zambrero was chosen for its proximity and consistently good delivery.

Well, we were wrong on the latter point. I was served by three staff when ordering my vege burrito. The first looked tired but still cheery. The second… not so much. I realised pretty quickly there was no ‘guac‘ (guacamole) and a few seconds later, realised there was no cheese! No guac is one thing, but no cheese?! As a Facebook friend later remarked, guac and cheese make the burrito!

There’d been no mention that there was no guac by Server 2 – just a “Do you want any sour cream?” When she was putting the lime on, I said, “I assume there’s uh, no cheese?” She responded with a thudding, “Nuh” and quickly continued with, “What sauce?”, not looking at me.

A bit put off, I did what put off people normally do – jokingly complained. “No guac AND no cheese?!” I said. “I hope I get a discount!”

My burrito was wrapped up in this time while Server 3 (ie the cashier) said, “Yep, I’ll give you a 50 per cent discount.” I ordered a beer… and he gave me a 50 per cent discount on the entire meal, knocking it down to $8.70!

I couldn’t believe it.

But what I really can’t believe is that they then provided this discount inconsistently. Boyfriend, next in line, was discounted 50% on his burrito, but not his beer. Housemate had equally noted the no cheese (having not heard of my earlier cries of dissatisfaction) but was afforded no discount, while my other friend wasn’t either.

As you can tell, I’m utterly conflicted by this experience. First – I feel bad about complaining, because all of this is clearly a fwp (first world problem). Second, I’m completely annoyed by Server 2’s attitude, but was stoked with a 50% discount on burrito AND meal. Third, I’m annoyed that the discount was applied inconssitently (even though Server 3 priced the meals for the rest of my friends).

And, why didn’t they just say when we arrived that they didn’t have the stock we’d normally expect?

But further, why didn’t they allow for this? It’s Melbourne Cup day!

To be fair: as we left, we heard them telling other patrons who walked in the door that they didn’t have guac or cheese…

And, to be equally fair: of course I’ll be back. It’s right near my residence and it’s tasty.

But tonight? I really didn’t get it.

Attendees: T1 + Boyfriend + Housemate + friends

Cost: $8.70!!!

Worthwhile factor: Disappointing.

3 Responses to “Belconnen Zambrero on Race Day”

  1. Zambrero Team November 2, 2011 at 11:03 am #

    Hi T1! We’re really sorry to hear about your negative experience with the Zambrero service yesterday. We also wholeheartedly agree that guac and cheese are a must in a burrito! Please direct message your email to @Zambrero on Twitter so that we can help out you and your friends. Zambrero Team


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