Canberra Southern Cross Club Yacht Cruise*

4 Dec

* I enjoyed this experience courtesy of the Canberra Southern Cross Club. All views are my own.

Summer to me means the full on retreat out of the house down to Canberra’s waterways – manmade or otherwise. It seems my idea of summer is everyone else’s idea of summer, because on Tuesday afternoon the CSCC at Yarralumla is absolutely packed with people dining and exercising – and a whole lotta folks about to go on a pretty extraordinary cruise of Lake Burley Griffin.

Not a bad afternoon for it

We’re welcomed onto the main deck of the MV Southern Cross where the air conditioning is pumping on this slightly muggy evening and there are views across the water to some of our most famous national institutions.

My immediate impression of the service is that it’s constant and consistent without being intrusive as we’re offered drinks and our first few canapes.

Chicken liver pate  and port wine jelly

Salmon gravlax in cucumber bowls

Okay, early confession. I eat about seven of the above beauties. Hey, they looked healthy, they were easy mouthfuls, and they tasted divine.

Asparagus wrapped in rare beef

As the yacht heads out onto the lake, we get the distinct impression we might be missing some of the best views and head upstairs. There’s another sitting area, as well as a large deck on which we get uninterrupted views of Lake BG. Our attentive waiters diligently make the trip up the stairs and show the most patience I’ve seen to a group of bloggers crowding around them for photos of (very Instagrammable) food.

Seared tuna on lettuce witlof (with sincere apologies to lettuce and witlof lovers)

Mushrooms and… pumpkin (?) tart. Not sure. It tasted great!

In the distance, clouds are gathering height but on the lake the weather is calm and warm.

Duck! Check out the spoons – I think that is a simple and clever idea!

The photos don’t really do it justice – but they go okay

Pork belly with potato and sweet potato slices. This was a huge hit.

Just sidling into the Kingston Foreshore (outside Walt and Burley)

Peas, scallops and spicy chorizo

It looks so pretty in that gorgeous sun that I reckon it deserves a second showing.

Sun setting on Canberra

After just on two hours, I feel like we stretch back into Lotus Bay. I’m a little ashamed to say I don’t really want to get off. The cruise has been smooth, the company excellent, the views magnificent, and the service unfaltering. I know a great deal is to do with the weather – heck, look at today as a comparison! – but this is a pretty lovely way to celebrate a very nice afternoon.

And, well, then there’s the food. In terms of getting off, this little sweetener – chocolate and pistachio terrine with raspberries – helped make it a little less painful.

Date: Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Where: Canberra South Cross Club, Yarralumla

Cost: See here for chartering the MV Southern Cross

Want more? Check out Rose’s review (and, particularly, view her excellent video) here. Did you know the CSCC at Yarralumla also does fish and chips daily? Yep, fish and chips in Canberra on the lakeshores! You can read about it here.

3 Responses to “Canberra Southern Cross Club Yacht Cruise*”

  1. whisperinggums December 4, 2014 at 1:11 am #

    Looks lovely Tara. I’m actually off to the Southern Cross Yacht Club for lunch tomorrow – but upstairs not for the fish and chips downstairs because when I checked with them about a month about it’s all battered. As I avoid wheat, that’s not much good for me. It’s a wonderful venue – view wise – and for club food it’s pretty darn good most of the time.

    Some friends were talking about doing a cruise – it’s been a couple of decades since I’ve done one and it looks like the food has changed dramatically. Looks like it’s well worth a try again.

  2. The Food Marshall December 4, 2014 at 10:04 am #

    Tara, great story. It was a fantastic evening, wasn’t it? Perfect for a Christmas party I think.

  3. lizzygoodthings December 5, 2014 at 8:21 am #

    Love it… Canberra’s own little taste of the sea, so to speak. Sorry to have missed this one. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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