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Ottoman Cuisine, Barton

18 Dec

Away from the hubbub of Braddon and the growth of the Kingston Foreshore sits one of Canberra’s most awarded restaurants. It’s not by the water, nor in a local shopping centre, nor near the mall. In fact, it’s in a suburb which is often lambasted for having little amenity – Barton – and on this Tuesday night is humbly packed.

Ottoman shares its abode with Barton Cafe, a stalwart but one of the few cafes in the area. While they’re both open for lunch, Ottoman continues into the night and quietly separates itself from its neighbour with translucent glass doors which only give you an impression of what might be inside.

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Valentine’s Day at Siren Bar

14 Feb

I’ve previously written positively about my experience(s) at Siren Bar. The following review is anything but positive.

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