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Human Brochure weekend

31 Oct

Wow. It’s finally here. The 101 Local Humans endeavour was announced in March, with the ‘Humans’ (as we tend to call ourselves) notified in late April. From May we began a whirlwind experience learning all things Canberra, from food and beer and wine, to cultural experiences, to outdoorsy and kid-friendly things. I’ve been doing this blog for a long while now, and I’m happy to say that what I call the ‘training period’ reinforced all the good things I knew about (and just how good they are), opened my eyes to new experiences, and – most importantly – helped me to continue to scratch the surface.

Because the real Canberra is about what doesn’t immediately confront your senses. It’s about tapping into something beneath what you immediately see and hear and feel.

I’m part of the 101 Humans so I’m biased, of course. But my view is what ACT Tourism is trying to achieve is showing how the people of Canberra connect you to what’s truly special in Canberra.

Basically, never underestimate the power of stories; of peoples’ experiences – nor of their desire to share those with you.

I can’t wait to see and share Canberra with my guests this weekend – one a former resident, and the other a big fan of Canberra who makes the most of each visit.

To readers of this blog, I think there will be few surprises about the weekend I want to show off. I’m passionate about Canberra, and I’m passionate about what I love – and you’ve no doubt read about what I love already.

In addition to what we plan, there’s a special, dedicated event specifically chosen for us. Ours involves spirit. Can you guess?

Below is a snapshot of what I hope to share with my guests this weekend. You can follow what other Canberrans want to show off on the official humanbrochure.com.au page, which curates all of the social media posts from the humans and their guests. And you all know where to find me – the links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts are to the right of this blog. I have even started dabbling in Instagram (despite my drawn out and – I admit – ongoing reluctance)!

Do you recognise what I might be hoping to show my guests? If you had a blank canvas of 48 hours to share with interstate guests, what would you show them?


Seeing Canberra in a whole new light (Enlighten, Questacon and the National Portrait Gallery)

8 Mar

Images projected onto some of Canberra’s buildings in the Parliamentary Triangle? On first description, it sounds a bit dorky or tacky – like a public service version of enormous shadow puppets. However, if you’ve even just had a glance at some of the amazing photos coming out of Enlighten Canberra, more accurate descriptors are ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’ and – simply – ‘wow’.