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Cascades Trail, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

16 Jan

It’s a hot day when we enter Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve; the Cascades Trail has been described as a walk to escape from the heat. We sure hope so!

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Conquering Camel’s Hump

1 Oct


Camel's Hump - the pointy one


You may not have heard of Camel’s Hump, but it’s instantly recognisable when looking to the horizon as the pointy peak. Housemate and I had previously attempted to scale the ‘Hump’ part in mid-June but had had to stop just a little way up because of ferocious winds (combined with my occasional but always inconvenient vertigo).

Since then, I subconsciously found myself seeking out the peak from wherever I am in Canberra – from driving along a highway, to taking photos of it while atop other mountains. In short: Camel’s Hump was haunting me. We hadn’t actually completed it. We’d given up. I don’t give up. We had to go back.

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