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Winter Whisky Tasting, Scotch Malt Whisky Society

26 Jul

I don’t know a lot about whisky. I have even been known to spell it whiskey (rest assured I have been duly chastised; maybe I should just stick with calling it scotch). What I do know is that I like it, so it only seems fair that I should spend a bit of time learning more about it.

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Bright Brewery

27 Apr

Following a rather long drive we end up back where we started: Bright. It’s open for Good Friday. We’ve only had (very good) pancakes (and butter!) today so, even though we’ve got dinner at Provenance in Beechworth looming, we stop in at the local brewery for a good beer and a snack.

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End of Summer Riesling, Parlour Wine Room

9 Mar

The Summer of Riesling was meant to be events across Australia during summer embracing all things riesling. Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, even though we’re a riesling region, there was little take up across the ACT (we’ve got to fix that next summer!), with only Parlour Wine Room holding the torch. After showcasing a variety of rieslings each week throughout summer, Parlour also had quite a few bottles of rieslings with which to celebrate the end of summer and needed people to help empty them…

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Canberra International Riesling challenge tasting

14 Oct

I’m loathe to write about this event. And not because it was bad. No.

I’m loathe to write about it because it was so very good.

(And part of me doesn’t want to share it.)

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