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A Day in the Vineyards…

27 Jul

*This post was by T2, a co-author of In The Taratory from 2011-2013.*

I never used to like wine. I thought it was bitter, and much preferred the girlier alternative of vodka and cranberry (or even, I’m ashamed to admit, vodka Cruisers). Oh, how times have changed!

Now, I adore wine. Especially a good, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or, in summer, a light Rosé or Moscato-style Rosemount O (a cheapie, but a goodie). In the last year, I’ve been on three winery day tours: the McLaren Vale region, the Hunter Valley region, and the Barossa region. So when my friend suggested that we go on a tour of the Canberra region wineries, I didn’t need much convincing.

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Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival

17 Apr

This past Sunday was a spectacular day, and after enjoying the beautiful cars set against the gorgeous backdrop at Auto Italia 2012, we didn’t want to miss the Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival, so we hurried onto the Barton Highway and set off towards Murrumbateman.

The Wine Harvest Festival brochure promoted 24 wineries in the region, but strangely local favourite Poachers Pantry (which T2 recently visited) was missing. Of course, with 24 wineries and with only three hours available to us before their advertised closing time (5pm), there was plenty to keep us busy. The most difficult part was choosing exactly which ones we wanted to go to!

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So, what does T2 reckon about Canberra in general?

26 Sep

* This post was by T2, a co-author of In The Taratory from 2011-2013. *

Canberra. The mere mention of this word usually results in a screwing-up-of-the-nose or rolling-of-the-eyes. I’m now used to this reaction when I tell interstate friends where I live. But, after three years of being based in our nation’s capital, I’ve come to realise that there’s much more to the city than meets the eye. While it certainly is public servant territory here, it really doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

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