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Plumb on Tennant, Fyshwick

21 Oct

I’ve spruiked continuously that Canberra is full of these ‘hidden gems’ – often we only hear about these places because they’re where we live, or through word of mouth (often because other people live there!). I’m not sure I would ever have heard of Plumb on Tennant if it wasn’t for CBR Foodie‘s lunchtime post a few weeks ago. You see, this hidden gem is in Fyshwick!

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Les Bistronomes, Braddon

21 Oct

I’d wondered what would be replacing Canberra institution Delissio when it shut its doors back in June, and was glad we didn’t have to wait (too) long for an answer. French is a cuisine that interests me but it’s one to which I’ve had little exposure; my naive impressions have been that it’s pretty dense and stuck in the 80s. But Les Bistronomes’ chefs come with a serious pedigree, having worked – at a minimum – in Canberra’s finest establishments, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do.

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Jade Dumpling Noodle House, Gungahlin

15 Oct

Wow. Last week was a huge week for this little blog, namely due to this passionate little piece. My previous day’s best ever record was smashed right out of the park. And a certain news.com.au journo agreed (presumably jokingly – but I am 100 per cent all for it to happen) that he’d let me show him the Canberra he can’t yet see.

But what those otherwise meaningless achievements reflect is a real engagement with the article. Why did people engage with it, and want to engage with it? Well, it’s probably the subject of future blog posts. (And it was certainly interesting to note how many people interpreted my call to arms very differently, including on Reddit.) But the fact is, it seems what I wrote meant something. And not just to known staunch defenders of this city. That’s revealing in itself.

Before I talk more about another very important subject (dumplings!), I need to stress that pride in a city doesn’t mean you just love and defend everything about it. If that was the case, not much would ever get done. Often people want to see change or improvements because they care about and love their city. So you can damn well love Canberra and be proud of it while also having some ideas on what to change. On what you want to be different. Don’t underestimate the power of people power. Don’t underestimate the power of your suggestion or idea, or your challenge to an suggestion or idea. And we’re connected in so many ways we’ve never been before, physically and through technology, that there’s no reason not to participate – whether it’s to promote your city or find a way to improve it. The only thing you really need to do is do it.

And hey – while I’ve got you – thank you. The support, the Facebook shares, the retweets, the comments and conversations: it all meant a great deal to me. What I can say? I love Canberra!

Okay: dumplings time.

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C Dine Bar, Kingston

11 Aug

C Dine Bar is the recent winner of the AHA Award for Best Restaurant in Canberra. It has a prime location on the Kingston Foreshore, and I’ve always admired its vast outdoor seating and heard rumours of its excellent seafood.

10 minutes after arriving at the Foreshore we’ve taken advantage of the bright warming sunshine on this cool day and we’re sat outside with menus and views.

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Morks Restaurant, Kingston Foreshore

20 Jul

There are a few restaurants where I’m asked, “Have you been to such and such yet?” or someone presses, “You HAVE to go there?” followed by, “When are you going to review it?”

But there is one restaurant which is mentioned to me more than any other.

It is Morks.

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#MushroomMania2014, Canberra*

20 Jul

Each July, the Australian Mushroom Growers runs a campaign encouraging people to cook mushrooms, and eat mushrooms when they’re out. This year, I was lucky enough to receive a $100 gift card to enjoy some mushroom meals around Canberra and post some photos on social media.

While I love mushrooms, a dish that features mushrooms isn’t my go-to dish when eating out, particularly at breakfast – I’m usually after hotcakes or something with eggs – but I’ll often order mushrooms as a side. This campaign means I’m seeking out dishes I might otherwise have missed.

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Truffle Degustation at The Boathouse by the Lake

16 Jul

It’s no secret that The Boathouse by the Lake is a favourite restaurant of mine – as it is now for many of my friends. So, if I trust a restaurant to do truffles right, it’s going to be The Boathouse. Thanks to fellow blogger Rachi’s organisation skills, a number of us secure seating together on one of the two long tables for the night.

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Versatile Restaurant, Gold Creek

14 Jul

We’re at Versatile Restaurant for a small birthday dinner. I’m always interested in dinners in suburbs I’ve never been; while I’m no stranger to Gold Creek, I’m not familiar with too many dedicated dining venues, and Versatile Restaurant’s reasonably active Facebook page and changing menu have previously caught my attention.

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Up To You Restaurant, Belconnen

15 Jun

There’s a new restaurant in Belconnen, I’m told, taking up space in one of the spaces on Emu Bank which has been empty for years and years. No one really knows anything about it – and I’m equally dubious about going there – but in the interests of research…

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Outback Jack’s, Belconnen

18 May

I don’t expect Outback Jack’s in Belconnen Mall to be packed, but it’s so busy on a Friday night that we’re told there’s no table for at least another hour. If so many couples, friends and families are convinced, we’ve got to check it out, so we schedule in lunch the next day.

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