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Getting Cultural in Canberra

19 Feb

* This post was by T2, a co-author of In The Taratory from 2011-2013. *

I gotta say, I really enjoy Canberra in February. It’s the last month of summer, but the craziness of the festive season is over, as is the dead month of January where every Canberran seems to desert the city for the coast or greener pastures abroad (myself included!). February, on the other hand, is the month when things in Canberra really kick into gear – leading on from the debauchery that is Australia Day, there’s TropFest (a popular short film festival), the Food and Wine Expo, the Summerside festival (as opposed to the winter Fireside festival), Flix in the Stix, and, of course, all the pub crawls and welcome events for those new little government grad-lings! Who needs smooshy Valentine’s Day when there’s so much else on to keep you busy?!

But there’s one key event that I’ve omitted from that list: Canberra’s 16th annual multicultural festival. It’s my absolute favourite summer event in the ACT, and I’ve been every year since living here without fail. In fact, this year, I went along on both the Friday and the Sunday arvo. I would have also headed over on Saturday night with the BMW girls, if it hadn’t been for the small fact that I was moving house over the weekend. Quite a mission, that was! Continue reading