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Penny University, Kingston

7 Dec

Penny University is part of the Kingston re-vamp and on Saturday morning of its second weekend, in the middle of what would normally be a quiet Kennedy Street, it’s thriving.

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Breakfast at The Elk and Pea

15 Jan

If the epitome of success is a packed restaurant at 11am on Canberra’s hottest day of the year, even when that restaurant’s air conditioning isn’t working, then Elk and Pea is already pretty darn successful.

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Brekkie at Seasalt Dining, Bruce

29 May

One of our very favourite bloggers had recently been to Seasalt Dining for a Sunday breakfast, so, after countless visits to Ellacure (obviously my benchmark), I reluctantly suggested to Boyfriend that we should try something different and he reluctantly agreed.

On arriving to Seasalt Dining we really weren’t sure if it was open. There were plenty of cars in the carpark, but no one sitting outside. Granted, it was fuhreezing, but the mirrored windows on the restaurant suggested… emptiness. We were pleased to spot an ‘Open’ sign against the door, but disappointed to walk in (and this was about 10am) to see just one other couple there for breakfast. Hm. Continue reading


T1 reviews Ha Ha Bar’s breakfast

16 Oct

There’s no better way to reward yourself after a run walk around Ginninderra Lake (or, more correctly, no better way to undo all your good work) than to have breakfast at one of the restaurants overlooking the lake. Faced with the choice of Ha Ha Bar or Black Pepper, this morning we chose the former.

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