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Parliament House Broadcasting tour

12 Dec

I’ve been watching Question Time since I was a young thing in the early 90s when it just appeared to be people shouting and I was left wondering when Playschool would come on. Why was I watching the Prime Minister when I could be watching John and Benita? For just as many years, I’ve wondered exactly how the proceedings at Parliament House are brought to our screen. Who puts the names up on the screen? How do they know exactly who to focus the cameras on when everything is happening so quickly? Thanks to a tour hosted by a friend who does exactly this behind the scenes work at Parliament House, my decades of wondering are now over.

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Parliament House

4 Aug

Somehow, I missed out on the obligatory Year 7 trip to Canberra, and had never visited Canberra until I moved here. So, my very first glimpse of Parliament House was the day I arrived, and visiting it was high on my to do list. My Parliament House tour remains one of my most vivid memories. Five and a half years later, I’ve spent plenty of time there, but it’s never been less awe inspiring than that first trip. After such a long time, I figured there was surely something I could still be taught about Parliament House, so gave up a few hours on a weekend to find out.

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Enlighten: Members’ Guests Dining Experience

11 Mar

With Enlighten Canberra comes the offer of experiencing dinner at the Members’ Guest Dining Rooms at Parliament House. We figure, at $90 a head, why not? It can’t be worse than our $75 pp experience at Siren Bar.

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Free talks in the Territory

17 Jun

Canberra‘s known as being pretty cultural, with its galleries, museums (the National Museum is a ‘cultural history‘ museum after all) and political history. Something that’s also in abundance in Canberra are its variety of public lectures.

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