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Yerrabi Walking Track / Boboyan Trig

28 Jan

The Yerrabi Walking Track is within the ACT, but, like some of the best walks, far from Canberra. It’s past Tuggeranong, past Tharwa, past Naas Road, and halfway down Boboyan Road (not to be confused with Old Boboyan Road). Oh, and Boboyan Road is a dirt road. It’s probably shorter to say that the Track is on the way to Adaminaby. It is also advisable to tell your walking companion – and the person in the driver’s seat – how far the car ride will be before you set off so you don’t have to have any awkward conversations along the lines of ‘so just how far is this?’ an hour into the journey…

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Gossan Hill amble

13 May

Gossan Hill Nature Reserve is another one of those places in Canberra which I suspect few people know about – it’s a hill (well, there are two hills) with some pretty decent and at times dense bushland, at a height that allows for some lovely views, and it’s right in the centre of the northside.

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