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Surveyor’s Hill winery

6 Jun

This past Saturday, the weather was atrocious. In Winter, we’re usually spared rain and just have to put up with chill-you-to-the-bone winds with the icy weather. But Saturday we got the cold weather, the biting winds and a whole heap of cold, cold rain.

I was desperate to go shopping, but knew with the weather that simply everyone in Canberra would be at the shops and if it wasn’t impossible to get a park, it would definitely be impossible to walk around. What to do in rainy weather when one doesn’t want to deal with crowds? Go to a winery, of course!

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Jeir Creek riesling

1 Mar

Whether we get the weather to accompany it or not, summer and the early days of Autumn = white wine drinking time. I’m a sucker for a red any time, but white wine is reserved for October-March. Fortunately, the ‘Canberra district‘ has produced a number of superb whites the past few seasons, which gives me the perfect excuse to review them for the Taratory!

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Guest Review! The Moving Feast at Murrumbateman

14 Oct

I wasn’t able to get along to the Taste It Food and Wine Festival’s Moving Feast a few weekends ago – fortunately, good friends Emma and Craig were able to, and even did a bit of guest reporting while they were at it! Thanks very much E & C for providing such an awesome review!

Check out E & C’s photo montage here!

Another wintery day sabotaged the Floriade plans of many Canberrans over the Labour Day long weekend.  Thank goodness then that eating and drinking aplenty was on offer at the Murrumbateman Moving Feast. Thirteen wineries lazily sprawled in and around Murrumbateman took part, providing mains and/or desserts coupled with a glass of wine for the weary traveller.

The Moving Feast is part of Canberra’s Taste It Food and Wine Festival.  The festival runs for the entire month of October and offers over 30 events to tempt the tastebuds of locals and visitors…

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