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Sage Taste and Test Redux

3 Apr

I loved Sage Dining Rooms’ Taste and Test last year. It’s a clever concept: offer five experimental dishes at a reduced price and, over the course of a few weeks, get a sense of what the Canberra dining public’s taste really is to help form the menu. But the last Taste and Test was only held in September – is Sage lacking some confidence in its future menus? Does it need to check with the public before it brings out each new season’s menu?

The short answer? No, and no.

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Canberra Cake Club – March

1 Apr

Following a fabulous and filling February Cakeup at Essential Ingredient, my interest in future Cake Club events was well and truly confirmed. Fortunately, my obliging friend from last time kindly allowed me to come along as his guest yet again – yes, this was the second time I got to try a lot of cake without having to bake anything. I am starting to feel a little guilty!

Again, the month’s theme matches the venue nicely: cocktails at Mint Garden Bar!

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Mint Garden Bar

5 Dec

Canberra has a thriving blogger community, but it’s not often we see each other face to face. Thanks to the organisation skills of one lovely lady, some of us self-proclaimed foodies descend on Mint Garden Bar at the Gorman House Markets to have a Christmas catch up (and for some of us, first meeting!).

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