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Lunch at Maple + Clove

31 Oct

I last visited Maple + Clove in early August for breakfast, catching up with an old friend. I thought the food was yum (and loved my drink), the service didn’t bother me, but the food serving sizes were questionable and it was a pretty expensive experience for what we got. Maple + Clove prides itself on premium handmade and nutritious food (I’m quoting from the website here!). A group of us are heading out for lunch, but a few have some not trivial food allergies. Given Maple + Clove’s dedication to whole foods and a large number of gluten-free options on the menu, it seems like the perfect choice.

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Maple + Clove

12 Aug

Maple + Clove has been open for just under a year, and in that time I’ve heard all sorts of reviews – but consistently that its food is amazing and its service is shocking. When an old friend suggests it, I’m keen – if only to find out whether these reviews still speak the truth.

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