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Love Letters, The Q

23 May

I’ll admit it: I don’t know a lot about Queanbeyan, and – while it’s an unusual position to take – it’s for that reason I’ve got no real justification to bag it, or defend it. I do have to admit that Queanbeyan has some things that Canberra doesn’t have. Not always, but sometimes.

Some (a lot) of the performances at The Q – Queanbeyan’s Performing Arts Centre – fall into this category. Touring shows seem to often make it as far as Queanbeyan but skip Canberra; and I can see why some performances choose to just head to one of our two cities, not both (we’re rather close to one another, after all).

Love Letters – starring real life partners Huw Higginson (yes, you read right, that’s PC Garfield from The Bill!) and Hannah Waterman (Eastenders) – is a small production, and while Canberra has a number of smaller performance spaces of suitable size, The Q seems seems to suit it perfectly fine.

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