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Coming up in Canberra #5 + a giveaway!

15 Sep

Helloooooo, spring! My favourite season. I feel like I spend all winter waiting for spring to arrive, and while a) we haven’t hit the spring equinox quite yet and b) there have been some cold mornings, the glorious days so far have me convinced that we may – may – have even completely missed false spring (please, please).

These next few glorious months call for another Coming up in Canberra. You can read my previous recommendations for the year: #1, #2, #3 and #4.

But first – what did I enjoy of what I recommended last time?

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#HumanBrochure – Hyatt Hotel High Tea*

30 Jun

The #HumanBrochure discovery events are over!

There has been a little absence of them from this blog.In fact, this blog has been a little quiet because I’ve been doing so much, there’s been little time to write!

Simply: many of the Discovery events I’ve covered on my Facebook page or on Twitter as it happened (are you a liker? Are you a follower? There’s no better time!); some of the events I’ve covered in detail before; and still others are where I learned some things I’m keen to show my guests in October… and write about in more detail then!

It’s been the most incredible month. I’ve met amazing people (but barely made a dent in all 101!), many of whom I might never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise, as well as spent even more time with some of my favourite people; been exposed to this region’s exceptionally generous hospitality; got to nerd it up at my favourite national institutions; briefly reopened/updated my Instagram account, got scared, and ignored it again; eaten my bodyweight in canapes (one of my many weaknesses); saw the National Portrait Gallery’s awesome museum dance-off vid at an event, and subsequently got it trending on Twitter in Australia (I still maintain we deserved to beat Spain!); and tried not to talk too much to my new-found friends about trolleys.

It’s been an exhausting month, and I’m quite sad it’s over – but it’s leading to an equally exciting one: I’m literally brimming with ideas! And with that, there’s no better way to end the discovery events than how I started: with food!
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