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A real Christmas Tree*

3 Dec

* My real Christmas tree was a gift from The Christmas Tree Truck, through Her Canberra. All opinions are my own.

My early Christmas memories are of sugar cookies, plastic (but tasteful) miniature Santa sleighs filled with chocolate coins placed at heights just out of reach of little hands, candles shaped as snowmen, and the biggest Christmas tree imaginable with unique decorations.

As I grew up, that large Christmas tree shrunk. And shrunk. As a teenager I towered over it; as I grew, the magic of Christmas seemed to decrease.

Having lived in Canberra now for just on seven years (how did that happen?), I’ve still never spent a Christmas here, with the promise of Christmases at home – or, more recently, hurried trips abroad – too strong. Having lived in three apartments and one townhouse since I moved here has also provided me with a convenient excuse to not set anything up, arguing the spaces are “too small”.

That changes this year when new business, the Christmas Tree Truck, offer me my very own real tree. Well, kind of changes. I’m sceptical, but it forces me to rethink why I hadn’t got a tree in the past. Was it because I couldn’t be bothered? And is a real tree going to last long enough? Is it going to be way too big for the apartment? Will I kill it like most other non-self-sufficient flora in and around our house? What if the magic isn’t restored?

I put my concerns aside and agree to go the whole hog and get the standard package: a six foot Christmas tree, beautifully shaped, with a stand. On Saturday morning I clear a space in the living room and wait for my Christmas tree.

The doorbell rings and Cooper knows we’ve got a guest (little does he actually know). And there they are. And there it is.


And it is definitely bigger than me.

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Summer Shape Up with the HerCanberra Ladies

24 Mar

*This post was by T2, a co-author of In The Taratory from 2011-2013.*

As a budding blogger, I really enjoy checking out other blogs – each has their own flavour, style and focus. Mamamia (one of Australia’s biggest blogs aimed at women) and Riot Act (a well-known Canberra blog that In the Taratory have previously featured in) are two of my current faves. It was through Riot Act that I came across HerCanberra late last year. As the name suggests, it’s targeted at women in Canberra – and, like In the Taratory, they also frequently write about happenings here in our Capital. Their focus is a little wider than ours, which makes for interesting reading.

Anyway, I’m probably going to get into trouble with T1 for spruiking our ‘competitors’ (hehe) so I’ll get on with the point of this review! HerCanberra launched a great initiative back in January: the HerCanberra Summer Shape-Up. Heaps of Canberra fitness businesses joined in for the action, offering special discounts and free classes for readers. From power yoga,boot camp and self defence, to personal training and dance classes, there was something for everyone. Over the course of eight weeks in January and February, ladies could sign up for any or all of the free trials. I went along to quite a few classes here and there – it was a great way to find a new hobby without committing to a term’s worth of fees. Continue reading