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The Green Herring, Gold Creek

4 Oct

I don’t know much about Green Herring except that it’s quaint, it has a solid menu, and that it’s somewhere in Gold Creek. The only place I have a vague idea where it is is the aviary, so on this Friday evening it takes me a little time to find the car park attached to the very rustic cottage – The Slab Hut built in the 1860 – in which Green Herring resides. (It turns out it’s just behind George Harcourt, but you could have fooled me at the time in the dark – it’s really not very well lit!)

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Versatile Restaurant, Gold Creek

14 Jul

We’re at Versatile Restaurant for a small birthday dinner. I’m always interested in dinners in suburbs I’ve never been; while I’m no stranger to Gold Creek, I’m not familiar with too many dedicated dining venues, and Versatile Restaurant’s reasonably active Facebook page and changing menu have previously caught my attention.

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Canberra Walk-in Aviary

31 Jan

Gold Creek always feels a little like a tourist destination to me – not helped by me only really heading over there when I’ve got interstate friends visiting! Today we’re in Gold Creek to stock up on Frugii ice cream. I’ve fond memories of visiting the walk-in aviary with my parents as a brand new Canberran many years back, and, on discovering it’s still reasonably priced, drag my friend with me to relive the fun.

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