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Hidden treasures in Dunlop Grasslands

12 Jun

Blogging has introduced me to some of Canberra’s very best, and that includes people like bushwalking legend John Evans. John has an extremely popular website where he documents every single walk he takes with plenty of detail and maps. John’s simple goal is to inspire people to resist sedentary life, head outside and enjoy some fresh air, and appreciate our surroundings. I look on in awe at his commitment to providing as much information to make that possible for people.

John and I have been on a few walks together – Mt Coree and Urambi Hills. As well as being knowledgeable, John is a gentleman and has a great sense of humour. When he offered to show me a part of Belconnen with which I wasn’t yet familiar, I jumped at the chance.

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Brick by Brick, National Capital Exhibition

17 Jan

The Brick by Brick – Build Your Own Capital expo at the National Capital Exhibition grabbed my attention a few weeks ago. Visitors are encouraged to build their own version of what the capital could look like, or replicate our institutions (with handy construction sheets), with lego or duplo. I drag Boyfriend along, ready to build something amazing… but this is quickly quashed when I realise I have no skills with lego at all.

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