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Eighty/Twenty, Braddon

12 Feb

I’m late to the party with Eighty/Twenty – named so because of the (appealing) concept of being 80 per cent healthy and 20 per cent naughty. Or, as I like to interpret it: don’t deny yourself the very indulgent, but try to be good most of the time.

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#HumanBrochure – A Day of Food and Wine

7 Jun

Those of you who follow me may have seen a whole host of posts recently where I’m using the hashtag #HumanBrochure. The reason being: I am one! In Canberra’s 101st year, ACT Tourism put out the call for social media-savvy Canberrans to be part of a huge campaign.

101 Canberrans have been chosen based on the quality of their content, and reach. Some of us are across many social media platforms, including blogs, and others just one or two. We got to nominate one of four available groups: Food & Wine (my group!), Adventure, Family Fun and Arts and Culture.

Throughout the months of May and June, ACT Tourism has organised a whole host of ‘discovery events’, where some of Canberra’s best is revealed to us. In many cases we get to go behind the scenes. Armed with this knowledge, at the end of October we get to invite two interstate guests and one Canberra local for a weekend spent how we choose, but with one special, niche event (still to be revealed!).

In amongst all these excellent discovery events, each group gets a whole day devoted to exploring the region around their theme. Food & Wine was first up – all we’d been told is that the day was starting with coffee, and ending with cocktails and entertainment. The rest was a surprise!

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National Multicultural Festival: quick and dirty guide

7 Feb

When the National Multicultural Festival is over for each year, it always feels like aaages until it’s back again. But then the next year rolls around, and January goes so fast, and then it’s on us again! Hooray!

Today heralded the opening of the Festival so we’re already down to two days to go. Here are my quick suggestions for making the most of it over Saturday and Sunday.

  • Take the bus! There are extra services running to and from the Festival and major Town Centres tomorrow, and every bus is free. Yep! The good folk at ACTION are having a fare free day (whether you are going to the Festival or not!). Add that to not having to worry about driving or whether you might be over the limit, and the bus is the smart choice tomorrow.
  • Lather on the sunscreen! Saturday and Sunday are 38 and 39 degrees respectively. Yeah, there’s the cool of the Canberra Centre, and the buildings throughout Civic provide some shade, but this remains an outdoor event and that means exposure to sun!
  • Scope out the entire Festival before eating or drinking anything. This is a really hard recommendation because it’s hard not to be tempted, and if you head in at the wrong time, it’s hard to get through the crowds so it’s easy to give in. BUT, too often I’ve not done the proper scoping and have gorged myself on something just for the sake of it, and around the corner is what I’ve been waiting all my life for! By all means, get a beer or something to nibble on while you wander around, but it’s all about knowing what’s available. Short term pain for long term gain if this rule is followed!
  • Short lines don’t always mean short wait times. I wish the two did equal one another, but it’s not the case. If I’m tossing up between a few, I’ll always head for the shorter line, but the key is really seeing how many people are still waiting for their food. The stalls might be speedy at the cashier end, and slow at the food serving end.
  • Take friends with similar philosophies. The day seems to work best when a) you all are easy going and have a try of whatever b) one person is picky and the rest follow along or c) everyone has their different tastes but knows what they’re after and there’s a clear ‘meeting point’ once different food/drink is obtained. If one of these isn’t fulfilled, the day gets a little harder to manage.
  • Keep the bags to a minimum. Huuuge off the shoulder bags are a hazard (particularly for people holding beer in a cup). Any bag that has to be carried in your hand is a mistake, because it instantly limits ability to hold one or more of food and drink.
  • Never underestimate how hard it is to eat food and hold a drink when you only have two hands. Unless you’re partial to the ‘on a Stick’ variety like I am, you’re bound to find yourself holding a plate that has a fork attached, while also holding a beverage. (I speak from experience, year after year.) Unless you’ve grabbed a rare table to sit at, other strategies need to come into play. One is to alternate between eating and drinking (not ideal). The other is to have one of your similarly-minded friends (see above) hold your drink while you eat the food, and then do a swap. Winning!
  • Finally, don’t forget about the Canberra Fringe Festival. Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit!, Territory and Theatre in a car #4 have all caught my eye.

See you there tomorrow?

The Boathouse by the Lake

7 Feb

A few months ago, I wrote that the Brooks of Melbourne pop-up dinner was the best I’d ever been to. It was an amazing experience, with one big problem: the Brooks dinner was a pop-up. A once-off. (They are from Melbourne, after all.) Since then, I’ve been after a meal at a Canberra restaurant that could match it. That meal’s not found at Aubergine. Nor is it found at Sage, or the Artisan (though they come close). But, my search hasn’t been in vain. I’m happy to say I’ve found it – and it’s at The Boathouse.

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Grill’d, Belconnen

31 Jan

I don’t know why it’s written with the e replaced with an apostrophe, but I’m willing to overlook it. Even though it’s part of a large chain, plenty of people emphasise that Grill’d makes the best burgers in Canberra.

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Collector Pumpkin Festival

5 May

It’s a bright and cloudless morning in Canberra. In Autumn and Winter, this means one thing: it’s cold! The good thing is, it’s expected to stay cloudless and soaking up some Vitamin D at the Collector Pumpkin Festival is in order!

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Takeaway: Bolly Buds

4 May

We recently had relatively new new Indian restaurant Bolly Buds for takeaway, and the experience was good. Quite simply, and quite obviously, there’s nothing better than a good experience to make you order from the restaurant again.

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Soju Girl

27 Apr

It’s 4.30pm on a Friday and we play ‘which Canberra restaurant is still taking bookings?’. We laughably try for Eighty-Six (definitely full) and I suggest to Boyfriend that maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to get into Soju Girl. We have talked about going forever. They’ve got a table available at 6, and a table available at 10. We hesitate, and go with 6.

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La De Da above Ha Ha Bar

5 Apr

I notice it a long time before I hear about it: there’s something going on upstairs from Ha Ha Bar on Belconnen‘s Emu Bank. What is it? A club? Part of Ha Ha Bar? Eventually I hear about La De Da and my curiosity is sparked. With a new menu recently launched, visiting becomes a priority.

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Valentine’s Day at Siren Bar

14 Feb

I’ve previously written positively about my experience(s) at Siren Bar. The following review is anything but positive.

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