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Belconnen Zambrero on Race Day

1 Nov

Burrito and Corona! $8.70!

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that I frequented the Belconnen Zambrero. It’s great. I wholeheartedly endorse it. It’s indulgence food, it’s sustenance (at any time of day or night) – can’t go past it. But my experience there tonight has left me a little… bemused.

I understand it’s Melbourne Cup day. I didn’t go to the races today (and can’t vouch for just how many customers Zambrero had through its doors), but my friends and I did trek down to the Lighthouse in the late evening for a beverage or two to celebrate the day and we were looking for a quick meal afterwards. Zambrero was chosen for its proximity and consistently good delivery.

Well, we were wrong on the latter point. I was served by three staff when ordering my vege burrito. The first looked tired but still cheery. The second… not so much. I realised pretty quickly there was no ‘guac‘ (guacamole) and a few seconds later, realised there was no cheese! No guac is one thing, but no cheese?! As a Facebook friend later remarked, guac and cheese make the burrito!

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