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Royal Canberra Show*

23 Feb

I’d never been to the ACTEWAGL Royal Canberra Show. Something about the idea of it’s never quite clicked for me – I think it might be that all the shows in Queensland are connected with a public holiday, so in my mind a show that isn’t probably isn’t that special or big . I’m glad to say that I’ve been proven wrong!

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Oktoberfest 2013

4 Nov

Beer. Dancing. Yodelling. Sausages. Loud music. EPIC. Pork knuckle. Lebkuchen. What else could I be talking about, except Canberra’s very own Oktoberfest?

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Oktoberfest at EPIC

5 Nov

Oktoberfest doesn’t really need an introduction. The festival is usually held from late in September into October in Germany, and the event is replicated throughout the world (and throughout Canberra).

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