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La De Da Sunday sesh*

23 Oct

*In The Taratory is a sponsor (non-financial) of La De Da’s Sunday seshes.

I’ve made no secret how big a fan I am of Ha Ha Bar and its upstairs venue La De Da in Belconnen Town Centre. Ever since I first set foot in La De Da I thought it’d be a great place to have a Sunday sesh (for the uninitiated: drinks on a Sunday afternoon), but for a long time its opening hours were restricted Wednesday-Saturday nights. Well, that was the case until one night, deep in the winter blues, Belco bloke James Tew (the mind behind Tweet Canberra and the Social Media Revolution) and I started a small social media lobby for it – and suddenly, it was happening!

What was proposed was even bigger than I expected: not just opening up the venue on Sunday arvos, but launching it with a six week competition for singer-songwriters playing 15 minute sets to be in the running to win a recording contract with local business Studio Sixty-Eight. I love the idea of supporting local, and so the opportunity to be a sponsor of a Belco event run by Canberra locals, showcasing local artists and giving them an opportunity to record a single with a local business was an absolute no-brainer. Plus: Sunday sesh!

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Up To You Restaurant, Belconnen

15 Jun

There’s a new restaurant in Belconnen, I’m told, taking up space in one of the spaces on Emu Bank which has been empty for years and years. No one really knows anything about it – and I’m equally dubious about going there – but in the interests of research…

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Altitude Cafe

15 Dec

Ever since the Altitude complex opened in Belconnen, there’s been an empty business space on Chandler Street and another on Emu Bank. Boyfriend and I have watched eagerly to see what would emerge in each. A few weeks ago, there were signs of life down at Emu Bank, followed by the placing of a sign that looked like it had been pulled from the 90s announcing “Altitude Cafe”. Just a little obvious, but it certainly wasn’t enough to quell my excitement. What was enough to quell my excitement was the experience we had there today.

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Belconnen Zambrero on Race Day

1 Nov

Burrito and Corona! $8.70!

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said that I frequented the Belconnen Zambrero. It’s great. I wholeheartedly endorse it. It’s indulgence food, it’s sustenance (at any time of day or night) – can’t go past it. But my experience there tonight has left me a little… bemused.

I understand it’s Melbourne Cup day. I didn’t go to the races today (and can’t vouch for just how many customers Zambrero had through its doors), but my friends and I did trek down to the Lighthouse in the late evening for a beverage or two to celebrate the day and we were looking for a quick meal afterwards. Zambrero was chosen for its proximity and consistently good delivery.

Well, we were wrong on the latter point. I was served by three staff when ordering my vege burrito. The first looked tired but still cheery. The second… not so much. I realised pretty quickly there was no ‘guac‘ (guacamole) and a few seconds later, realised there was no cheese! No guac is one thing, but no cheese?! As a Facebook friend later remarked, guac and cheese make the burrito!

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