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Brunch at Eightysix

16 Nov

After almost two years in business, people still rave about Eightysix and talk about it like it’s new – which is really saying something given how there’s something new (and good) opening up every week (or more) in Canberra, especially on Lonsdale Street near where Eightysix is housed. As part of October’s Good Food Month, Eightysix – usually only open for lunch and dinner (my first experience here) – launched a Sunday brunch menu which they’ve decided to keep up indefinitely.

In addition to the menu pasted on Facebook, fantastic local bloggers Megan and Natalie‘s reviews had me salivating. Thus, even with a relatively full tummy from dinner at Temporada last night (post forthcoming!), we were committed to having the experience today.

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Eightysix (86)

20 Nov

Eightysix (86) in Braddon needs no introduction. We arrive to our 6.30pm sitting (told during the booking that we have to give up the table by 8.15pm) and I expect to be overwhelmed with maximum pretentiousness, enjoy good food, and have a frantic, rushed experience.

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