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Frugii Dessert Laboratory

7 Jul

This is not a paid post but this is a post with an inherent bias. It’s because I simply love Frugii. I’ve been a Frugii fanatic for a long while – enjoying a breakfast ice cream cone on Saturday mornings at the EPIC Farmers Markets or an afternoon ice cream cup at the Old Bus Depot Markets. There’s nothing that Mr Frugii aka John can do wrong. Tomato sorbet? You got it. Pavlova ice cream? Yep. Wheat beer ice cream? Easy done.

Gingerbread? Sour cream? Licorice? Musk? Christmas pudding? Gin and tonic? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and YES. (I’ve tried them all.) And John was doing all of these flavours well before he opened the Frugii Dessert Laboratory in the Ori building on Lonsdale Street earlier this year.

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Koko Black, Civic*

28 Jan

* I visited Koko Black as their guest.

It’s been years and years since I’ve been to Koko Black, but in all that time I’ve had friends who swear it is the best place for dessert in Canberra, with consistently high quality ingredients and ranges. So, when offered to try out their Summer Oasis Dessert range, I figured it’d be a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

The first thing to know about Koko Black is that your eyes are probably going to be bigger than your belly. Everything sounds great to me even though I know I’m going to fill up quickly. Even though it’s dessert I think it’s a better option if it’s the first meal you’ve had in a long time!

Koko Black’s design is neat and cute. It’s situated along Bunda Street, just down from Jamie’s Italian, and makes good use of the outdoor setting – a fence of plants and small hedges separates us from the bustle of the street but we’re still part of it, seeing and being seen.

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Enlighten: Members’ Guests Dining Experience

11 Mar

With Enlighten Canberra comes the offer of experiencing dinner at the Members’ Guest Dining Rooms at Parliament House. We figure, at $90 a head, why not? It can’t be worse than our $75 pp experience at Siren Bar.

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Lunch at Bicicletta

21 Dec

Bicicletta had been getting some rave reviews, and when searching for a place to dine for in the dying days of 2012, it jumped to mind.

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