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54 Benjamin, Belconnen

16 Feb

Five years ago people would have laughed if I’d said Belconnen would soon be home to some of the trendiest bars and cafes in Canberra – or that the service in these places would be among the best. But it’s happened. It’s come to Belconnen. In fact, it’s a close tie between La De Da, Chatterbox and newcomer 54 Benjamin on which has the best synergies with Cheers: everybody (at least the staff!) knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

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Canberra Cake Club – March

1 Apr

Following a fabulous and filling February Cakeup at Essential Ingredient, my interest in future Cake Club events was well and truly confirmed. Fortunately, my obliging friend from last time kindly allowed me to come along as his guest yet again – yes, this was the second time I got to try a lot of cake without having to bake anything. I am starting to feel a little guilty!

Again, the month’s theme matches the venue nicely: cocktails at Mint Garden Bar!

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