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Koko Black, Civic*

28 Jan

* I visited Koko Black as their guest.

It’s been years and years since I’ve been to Koko Black, but in all that time I’ve had friends who swear it is the best place for dessert in Canberra, with consistently high quality ingredients and ranges. So, when offered to try out their Summer Oasis Dessert range, I figured it’d be a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

The first thing to know about Koko Black is that your eyes are probably going to be bigger than your belly. Everything sounds great to me even though I know I’m going to fill up quickly. Even though it’s dessert I think it’s a better option if it’s the first meal you’ve had in a long time!

Koko Black’s design is neat and cute. It’s situated along Bunda Street, just down from Jamie’s Italian, and makes good use of the outdoor setting – a fence of plants and small hedges separates us from the bustle of the street but we’re still part of it, seeing and being seen.

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Capital Wines and Robyn Rowe chocolates

13 Jun

It’s a rainy Saturday June weekend. We could stay at home. We could watch movies on the couch in our snuggies. But, when it’s raining, I think wineries are where it’s at. There are fewer people, and the old (and new) buildings of our region’s wineries come alive – rain on a tin roof, toasty fires and stone walls. Remembering how much we enjoyed our outing to Surveyor’s Hill last year under similar conditions, we hit the road.

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Sweet Bones Bakery

4 May

It’s just past 8.30am on a Saturday morning, and Lonsdale Street in Braddon is starting to wake up. We managed to get a table at Elk and Pea without booking or having to squeeze in with someone else, simply because we arrived right on opening (8am). A day of assignment writing stretches out ahead of me, and I feel a little motivation is in order…

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Guest Review! The Moving Feast at Murrumbateman

14 Oct

I wasn’t able to get along to the Taste It Food and Wine Festival’s Moving Feast a few weekends ago – fortunately, good friends Emma and Craig were able to, and even did a bit of guest reporting while they were at it! Thanks very much E & C for providing such an awesome review!

Check out E & C’s photo montage here!

Another wintery day sabotaged the Floriade plans of many Canberrans over the Labour Day long weekend.  Thank goodness then that eating and drinking aplenty was on offer at the Murrumbateman Moving Feast. Thirteen wineries lazily sprawled in and around Murrumbateman took part, providing mains and/or desserts coupled with a glass of wine for the weary traveller.

The Moving Feast is part of Canberra’s Taste It Food and Wine Festival.  The festival runs for the entire month of October and offers over 30 events to tempt the tastebuds of locals and visitors…

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