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View: Centenary Loop Bus

13 Jan

2014 brings a few changes to the blog. First is my new “Coming up in 2014” series, which has so far proven more popular than I expected! Second is a new section on ‘Views’. This is primarily a review blog, but I’ve also got some views about Canberra that don’t fit within my 140 character limit on Twitter! Herewith is my first ‘view’ – on the Centenary Loop Bus.

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Canberra Centenary year in review

21 Dec

The Canberra Centenary celebrations are over. With that, it’s time to review if the One Very Big Year was as big as it should have been, as it could have been, and as it claimed to be.

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SPIN Saturday

19 Oct

I wasn’t really sure what Spin Saturday was. And, after spending a few hours there, I guess I’m still not really sure. From what I can tell it was all about cars and wheels, loosely tied to Canberra and the Centenary celebrations. That said, it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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Canberra Centenary celebrations

15 Mar

Mixed opinions abound about the celebrations for Canberra’s centenary on 11 March. Here’s my take (another mega post!). Continue reading

Dear Canberra (a love letter, of sorts)

17 Jan

Dear Canberra

Five years ago today
at 11.50am
I boarded a plane to be with you indefinitely
even though
I’d never met you.

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