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Canberra Centenary year in review

21 Dec

The Canberra Centenary celebrations are over. With that, it’s time to review if the One Very Big Year was as big as it should have been, as it could have been, and as it claimed to be.

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Seeing Canberra in a whole new light (Enlighten, Questacon and the National Portrait Gallery)

8 Mar

Images projected onto some of Canberra’s buildings in the Parliamentary Triangle? On first description, it sounds a bit dorky or tacky – like a public service version of enormous shadow puppets. However, if you’ve even just had a glance at some of the amazing photos coming out of Enlighten Canberra, more accurate descriptors are ‘amazing’, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’ and – simply – ‘wow’.


A day (and night!) at the cricket

8 Feb

Lights + Manuka Oval + a handful of tickets left = a genius Christmas present for my dad (and an opportunity to see him outside of my usual trip home for Christmas).

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Canberra love letter interview

27 Jan

Earlier this week I was interviewed by the lovely Carol Duncan about the Canberra love letter on 1233 Newcastle Radio, which was simultaneously broadcast on 666 Canberra.

A few people missed the interview and have been asking about it, so here it is (with thanks to 1233 Newcastle for the permission to post it)!


The main message of the interview is that the more you invest in Canberra, the more Canberra reveals to you. The more things you do or get involved in, the more you realise just how much there is to do or join (not least in its 100th year!). It’s one of the many reasons to love Canberra.

Trekking up Tuggeranong Hill

3 Jan

One of the many things to love about Canberra is that if you want to climb a decent hill and immerse yourself in nature, you’re at most only a few suburbs away from doing that. One of the many things to love about Canberra in summer is that you can do this in the hours after you finish work, thanks to glorious daylight savings.

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