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Chatterbox Espresso Bar

30 Nov

Editor’s note: This post – while reflective of the experience at this point in time – is outdated. See Chatterbox Espresso Bar – Redux for a more relevant review.

There’s a lot of activity in my beloved Belco recently. On one of Belconnen Town Centre’s corners has been the arrival of a whole heap of yellow to announce the opening of Chatterbox Espresso Bar (sister of Mingle Espresso Bar in Civic).

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Treasures Gallery and Bookplate

21 Jul

There are so many tourist places I’ve never visited in Canberra, or which I only visited properly once, when I first moved here. When I thought about it recently, it seemed odd: so many of our tourist institutions are living, working places which are always changing – or at least usually have a new exhibition on. It’s this which leads me to make a concerted effort to get to these places over the next few months: and the National Library of Australia is where I start!

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Curious about Ellacure

28 Feb

Great poached egg with the bean and chorizo cassoulet

It was past midday on a Sunday and I was still trying to make up my mind about where Boyfriend and I should go for breakfast (yes, I’m hopeless). After reading the numerous reviews on The Riot Act in favour of Black Pepper (and dismissing them – review to follow!), I was pleasantly surprised to see the support for Ellacure – a nearby cafe which I sadly hadn’t been to since 2008 (!). I browsed their menu online to confirm that breakfast was indeed served all day (it is!) and while I was disappointed that there were no pancakes on offer, it sounded like it was worth a shot.

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