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Canberra Centenary Trail – Section 4 (Lake Ginninderra to Gungahlin)

28 Oct

The Canberra Centenary Trail is launched mid-morning Sunday, and it’s hard to know where to start along the 145km of track. But, of course, for me, it has to be Belconnen.

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Percival Hill

7 Oct

It’s only a few years ago that I discovered what trigs are, and what they look like. But that’s all I needed. As soon as I knew, I started seeing trigs everywhere. Quite a few particularly stand out from the road or ground level. There’s the trig on Reservoir Hill (part of the new suburb in Lawson). The trig on top of Mt Painter. The trig on top of Big Monks. They’re everywhere! And, once I see one, I want to get to it. One trig which has been bugging me for many years is the trig on Percival Hill. It’s the one you spot from William Slim or the Barton Highway, between Crace and Nicholls. I just had to bag it. Finally, that day has come.

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Poachers Pantry

5 Aug

It starts off simple enough: a friend and I are playing host to an old friend of ours from uni, and we’re keen to show off the best of our region to her. We’ve planned our Sunday around Fireside Festival events – our first stop will be Poachers Pantry for their ‘Music by the Fireside’ event – and I’m in charge of the booking. Easy done – or so I think.

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Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival

17 Apr

This past Sunday was a spectacular day, and after enjoying the beautiful cars set against the gorgeous backdrop at Auto Italia 2012, we didn’t want to miss the Canberra District Wine Harvest Festival, so we hurried onto the Barton Highway and set off towards Murrumbateman.

The Wine Harvest Festival brochure promoted 24 wineries in the region, but strangely local favourite Poachers Pantry (which T2 recently visited) was missing. Of course, with 24 wineries and with only three hours available to us before their advertised closing time (5pm), there was plenty to keep us busy. The most difficult part was choosing exactly which ones we wanted to go to!

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