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Up To You Restaurant, Belconnen

15 Jun

There’s a new restaurant in Belconnen, I’m told, taking up space in one of the spaces on Emu Bank which has been empty for years and years. No one really knows anything about it – and I’m equally dubious about going there – but in the interests of research…

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The Green Shed, Beechworth

24 Apr

It’s our first night in Beechworth, and we just want something quick and easy after a lunch feast and a busy afternoon of wine tasting and taking selfies. All we want is a quick and easy meal. Bridge Road Brewers – famous for their pizzas – is closed (but we eventually get to try the pizza – stay tuned for the post!). We head to the pub where there seems a decent bistro, but they’re packed. We’re told to get a beer while they try to find a table to clear, but it’s slow and no one comes to find us. We’re pretty sold on the takeaway pizza shop across the road, but I’ve seen good reviews of the nearby Green Shed and we figure we might as well see what it’s about. And we’re very glad we do!

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Madam Woo, I do love you

25 Jan

I’ve written elsewhere that I think the restaurant ‘precinct’ of Kingston leaves a lot to be desired, with a whole swag of high priced restaurants and cafes which you leave feeling

Yum yum yum yum yum

like you haven’t got your money’s worth.

I have to clarify now that this is my general stance about Kingston. There are a few notable exceptions. Madam Woo is one of them.

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