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Parliament House

4 Aug

Somehow, I missed out on the obligatory Year 7 trip to Canberra, and had never visited Canberra until I moved here. So, my very first glimpse of Parliament House was the day I arrived, and visiting it was high on my to do list. My Parliament House tour remains one of my most vivid memories. Five and a half years later, I’ve spent plenty of time there, but it’s never been less awe inspiring than that first trip. After such a long time, I figured there was surely something I could still be taught about Parliament House, so gave up a few hours on a weekend to find out.

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Treasures Gallery and Bookplate

21 Jul

There are so many tourist places I’ve never visited in Canberra, or which I only visited properly once, when I first moved here. When I thought about it recently, it seemed odd: so many of our tourist institutions are living, working places which are always changing – or at least usually have a new exhibition on. It’s this which leads me to make a concerted effort to get to these places over the next few months: and the National Library of Australia is where I start!

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