Pizza Artigiana, Jamison

16 Feb

It’s increasingly common these days for me to first get notice of a new restaurant through Facebook: friends liking the page, or a sponsored post. So it was for Pizza Artigiana which I first heard about through its common presence in my newsfeed since back in May last year. It boasts of handmade pizza and imported beers and, being so local, made it onto my ‘must try’ list. After months I made my way there – but, happily, it won’t be months before I’m back again.

Despite all the advertising, I turn up having no idea where it is – just that it’s in the Jamison Centre vicinity. This is despite, as we later see, it having large banners, bright lights, and a sign on the other side of the road… Anyway! I guess this tells me I can’t be the only one. Learn from me: think of the area where the Dumpling Inn is, and you’ll be set.

I agree, it should be extremely obvious to identify!

I agree, it should be extremely obvious to identify!

The outdoor area with four tables edges the small store. The store’s bright but the outside area is dark; there’s enough light from the street lamps for it not to be uncomfortable, but a candle or two is required to see the food.

The same menu is available online, on the wall and in takeaway menu form (there’s something slightly less embarrassing about staring at a handheld menu than there is looking up for a long period of time). We’re warmly welcomed and our host can tell we’re struggling to decide, so he takes us through his personal as well as customer favourites. We order beers (again on his recommendation) and there’s a choice to pay then or to wait until we’re truly finished – after all, there’s gelato on offer, and the temptation of more beers.

We sit outside (there’s not a lot of seating inside) and receive complimentary grissini and a large handful of olives to start us off.

Dreaming of pizza, what else?

Dreaming of pizza, what else?

Olives are devoured quickly

Olives are devoured quickly

Sardinian beer Ichnusa, on recommendation of our host

Sardinian beer Ichnusa, on recommendation of our host

There’s just enough time to relax with our complimentary snacks and get excited by our pizzas before they arrive, warm. Our first order is the customer favourite: prosciutto crudo (aka Ambra). The rocket and the whisper-thin prosciutto are added after the pizza is cooked, so the rocket is still fresh and crispy and prosciutto is soft and moreish. But it does make it a little harder to keep it all on the pizza base when picking it up! (I’ve since been informed there’s a certain technique to eating these pizzas!)


The winner for me is the patate & salsiccia (potato and sausage) (aka Paola). It’s thinly sliced, salted potato, mozzarella (of course) and little pieces of Italian pork sausage. We expect the potato to be lightly crispy but for us it’s perhaps a minute undercooked. The strange thing is it honestly doesn’t matter one bit – the flavours are so great that the taste is sensational. Like with the proscuitto, the sausage rolls off a little, but it’s delicious whether it’s eaten on its own or on the pizza. I can’t recall ever having a pizza with tastes like this and my friend and I agree this is our favourite (I am successful at getting the last slice, in case you’re wondering – no doubt due to my friend’s generosity and/or my begging).


I’ve always found pizza crust to be a waste (no topping = no flavour) (I know, I know) but these crusts are light, crispy and seasoned – so, worth it.

For what’s not a great deal more than a hole in the wall – and while the pizzas are arguably not structurally sound/store bought like I’m used to – this is a venue packing a lot of flavour, beers that you can’t get anywhere else, pizza flavours I haven’t experienced anywhere else, and bright, friendly service. We arrive an hour before close and watch plenty of people pick up their takeaway orders – always a good sign.

I’m looking forward to being back with friends in this relaxed atmosphere soon.

Date: Saturday, 6 February 2016

Where: Bowman Place, Jamison (see above!)

Want moreSunday, 6 March is the first birthday, where they’ll be open from lunchtime! And you can find more on Facebook here and their website here.

3 Responses to “Pizza Artigiana, Jamison”

  1. tiffking February 17, 2016 at 7:51 am #

    Thanx for sharing Tara. We will check it out

  2. The Hungry Mum March 17, 2016 at 11:53 am #

    Oooh these pizzas look goooood. I met you @ Eat Drink Blog and loved sampling all the amazing food Canberra has. Am keen to head back for more food coz #greedy


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    […] ingredients are high quality, but perhaps I’ve been spoilt by recent offerings from Pizza Artigiana and now Pot Belly (who started doing wood fired pizzas a few weeks ago). Cork Street Cafe’s […]

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